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SOLD!Caravelle/Floride Update: Ours is $29,900

Renault CaravelleOne of our readers thinks the seller may be off base on our featured listing from last week. So we did a little research and came up with a comp. Truth to tell, there are a few details that appear to be different from our offering and the car from SCM. Perhaps a modification during the restoration?Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 10.30.16 AM


Drive it: ’67 Ferrari 330GTC

330GTC fr

The 330/365 GTC is on almost every Ferraristi’s list of the one of most beautiful production Ferraris ever. It’s taught lines and muscular looks are the stuff dreams are made of. According to the Ferrari Market Letter, 597 of the 330s were built between ’66 and ’68. The V-12 boasts 300 hp nestled in a chassis similar to the 275 GTB. Today’s 330 GTC is the kind of Ferrari you want to have around. We know this car very well and have had a chance to drive it on occasion. It is very well sorted, cosmetically appealing and a kick to drive. The kind of condition that allows you to drive the car frequently without fear of getting a nick here or there. It is originally Silver with black leather/red carpets and equipped with factory A/C and power windows. Read More


Ours: ’08 Volkswagen GTI

GTI front

Every once in a while you’ll see one of our personal cars come up on Mint. Why? Because our cars are Mint after all. We bought the GTI new from our local VW dealer here in Connecticut. We have all of the service records and original documents. It has been great to us and we have enjoyed every mile of the 92,000 we’ve accumulated. It is adult owned, unmodified, never raced and always garaged. Just recently, we performed the required timing belt change along with the water pump. And just last week, we serviced the A/C and recharged it using the new equipment at Auto Turismo Sport. It is mechanically perfect. Read More


Just getting started: ’95 BMW 540i


A 1995 anything with 102,000 miles should be considered low miles. That’s 5,300 miles a year. There was a time when a car with 100,000 miles was considered used up. No longer. Irv Gordon taught us after he clicked over the 3 million mile mark. One of Mint’s customers brought in their son’s ’94 530i with a blown out spark plug. It has 275,000 miles on it. We installed a Heli-coil, changed the plugs and it runs like a young pup. Today’s 540i looks a little tricked out wearing huge Hartge wheels but it sort of works. Read More


Small Woodie: ’62 Austin Mini Countryman


Not too many cars cuter than an Austin Mini Countryman. This one is all done and ready for summer fun. It sports a 1,100 cc motor, bare metal respray in a very Mini color. The restoration included a new wiring harness, clutch, slave cylinder and a host of other things. We like it big time. Click here for the listing.$_57-4


Vinyl wrap: ’73 BMW 2002


It is a California Roundie in amazing original condition and unfortunately it is painted Sahara Beige. We have a friend who just vinyl wrapped his Range Rover. We thought he painted it flat military green but alas, it is wrapped in vinyl. Therefore we wouldn’t let anyone pass on this one. Wrap it in red and have a blast. The interior needs some re-stuffing and cleaning but that is the easy stuff. Read More


Did one of our readers buy this Buick and ship it to New Zealand?: ’70 Buick Skylark

70 Buick fr

One of our readers from New Zealand is now the proud owner of this California Skylark. It was featured almost a year ago submitted by our friend Tony B. who spotted it on the street near his home in Venice. The new owner would like to know more about the car and how it wound up in New Zealand.  Read More


Absolutely New & Exclusive

No narrative required. We’ll tell you what we have access to and if you know what they are and have been looking for one, call us. We have interest in both but they are still uncommitted at present.

Ducati 750SS’74 Ducati 750SS Green Frame – totally original and quite remarkable.





74 750 GT’74 Ducati 750GT – restored.











Call Mint (Michael) at (203) 417-6856 for details. But don’t wait too long. These are rare items that don’t come to market often.


Luxury: ’68 Porsche 911L

68 911L DS fr

In ’68, Porsche offered a new model , the 911L. It is powered by the 130bhp ‘O’ series engine from the original 911. The L retained all of the 911S upgrades and amenities like dual-circuit, ventilated disc brakes, as well as the recessed button door handles, aluminum dash, black steering wheel, black-faced gauges and black wipers. The 911L was most expensive and luxuriously appointed Porsches ever offered in the US. According to those who know these things, they made 450 911Ls. Read More


Maybe: ’71 Fiat 124 Spider

71 Fiat fr

First things first: is it Spider or Spyder? We think Italians spell it with an “I” and Germans with a “Y”. What say you? Of course no matter how you spell it, the reference dates back to a sporty horse-drawn carriage with big wheels and 2 seats. It was said to look like a spider hence the name. The Fiat 124 Spider and its stablemate Coupe were really excellent little sports cars particularly early cars like this ’71. Go through the list – 1600cc, DOHC, 5-speed transmission – all add up to lots of fun for the money. The styling is from Pininfarina and has aged really well. Pininfarina actually built the Spiders while the Coupes were built by Fiat. It is a rare sight to see one of these. Read More


Mid-life: ’73 Porsche 914 2.0


We understand that these are not cherished Porsches. The 1.8 liter cars weren’t so hot but the 2.0 liter cars were better. Not hugely better but better. Of course, the 914-6 is a whole other enchilada. The stats of a 914 are pretty impressive. Nice mid-engine chassis, German build quality, roomy interior, great brakes, precise steering and balanced handling all add up to a nifty little sports car. The styling was a bit odd, we’ll give you that. Read More