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Vinyl wrap: ’73 BMW 2002


It is a California Roundie in amazing original condition and unfortunately it is painted Sahara Beige. We have a friend who just vinyl wrapped his Range Rover. We thought he painted it flat military green but alas, it is wrapped in vinyl. Therefore we wouldn’t let anyone pass on this one. Wrap it in red and have a blast. The interior needs some re-stuffing and cleaning but that is the easy stuff. Read More


Did one of our readers buy this Buick and ship it to New Zealand?: ’70 Buick Skylark

70 Buick fr

One of our readers from New Zealand is now the proud owner of this California Skylark. It was featured almost a year ago submitted by our friend Tony B. who spotted it on the street near his home in Venice. The new owner would like to know more about the car and how it wound up in New Zealand.  Read More


Absolutely New & Exclusive

No narrative required. We’ll tell you what we have access to and if you know what they are and have been looking for one, call us. We have interest in both but they are still uncommitted at present.

Ducati 750SS’74 Ducati 750SS Green Frame – totally original and quite remarkable.





74 750 GT’74 Ducati 750GT – restored.











Call Mint (Michael) at (203) 417-6856 for details. But don’t wait too long. These are rare items that don’t come to market often.


Luxury: ’68 Porsche 911L

68 911L DS fr

In ’68, Porsche offered a new model , the 911L. It is powered by the 130bhp ‘O’ series engine from the original 911. The L retained all of the 911S upgrades and amenities like dual-circuit, ventilated disc brakes, as well as the recessed button door handles, aluminum dash, black steering wheel, black-faced gauges and black wipers. The 911L was most expensive and luxuriously appointed Porsches ever offered in the US. According to those who know these things, they made 450 911Ls. Read More


Maybe: ’71 Fiat 124 Spider

71 Fiat fr

First things first: is it Spider or Spyder? We think Italians spell it with an “I” and Germans with a “Y”. What say you? Of course no matter how you spell it, the reference dates back to a sporty horse-drawn carriage with big wheels and 2 seats. It was said to look like a spider hence the name. The Fiat 124 Spider and its stablemate Coupe were really excellent little sports cars particularly early cars like this ’71. Go through the list – 1600cc, DOHC, 5-speed transmission – all add up to lots of fun for the money. The styling is from Pininfarina and has aged really well. Pininfarina actually built the Spiders while the Coupes were built by Fiat. It is a rare sight to see one of these. Read More


Mid-life: ’73 Porsche 914 2.0


We understand that these are not cherished Porsches. The 1.8 liter cars weren’t so hot but the 2.0 liter cars were better. Not hugely better but better. Of course, the 914-6 is a whole other enchilada. The stats of a 914 are pretty impressive. Nice mid-engine chassis, German build quality, roomy interior, great brakes, precise steering and balanced handling all add up to a nifty little sports car. The styling was a bit odd, we’ll give you that. Read More


Pop the cork: ’65 Porsche 356SC Coupe


We can understand how seller’s, primarily dealers, run out of ways to describe the car they are trying to sell. We like these guys in California. They always come up with nice cars but this is kind of funny. They begin to describe today’s Champagne Yellow SC as very original and proceed to tell you all of the new things the car has going for it, like an entire interior. It is nice that it has a new interior particularly if it is done right but that does not make an original car very original. The SC is the last of a long line of 356s. It is prized among collectors because it has a lot of good things going for it like disc brakes and a powerful 95 hp engine. Read More


More Amelia Island

Gulf McLaren

We’ve been enjoying our ride back to Connecticut in our new project car – a ’94 M-B SL500. It has performed flawlessly so far attaining 23.75 mpg on the last tank. Not too shabby for a 335 hp V8. SL500 in TennIts old news now but the winner of the Amelia Island Concours is a Horch 853 owned by Bob & Anne Brockton Lee from Sparks, Nevada. The Concours de Sport Award went to one of our favorites, a ’58 Scarab owned by Miles Collier. Click on the McLaren image above to see the last of our photos including an image of the winners by Neil Rashba.Winners


Disneyland: ’62 Mercedes-Benz 220S


The Mercedes-Benz Fintail sedan is not a thing of beauty. But they are rugged and impeccably built and just right for customization. A fully restored to original Finnie may be considered a little boring but a hot rally car, like ours, BaT’s and Classic Motorsports Finnie, are really fun. This one is being sold at a good price, $4,900, and can probably be had for less. The body looks solid as a California car should (it is 5 miles from Disneyland) but the interior is pretty much toast. The Classic Motorsports car was afflicted in the same way and they just bought a donor parts car with a better interior and swapped it out. You will be one step ahead of theirs (maybe more) because their car had some serious rust issues. It already has the Stage 1 Rally Tune-up (no wheel covers). Read More


Hot Rod: ’66 Mini Cooper “S”


The “S” is in quotes because this isn’t a real “S” but one heck of Mini regardless. It is a ’66 Austin Mini MK II with a huge personality transformation. It is equipped with a hot 1275cc motor coupled to a ’85 4-speed. The suspension was converted to dry from wet and is fully adjustable. The brakes were upgraded with an S booster and “the best components”. Everything got some attention including the headlights and horn. The interior has racing buckets and they look pretty good to us. Read More