Drats! Sold: ’68 Mercedes-Benz 250SL


It takes a lot of experience to be an expert on a particular marque. Years ago, we would have qualified to judge a national Austin-Healey concours (nobody asked). Not so any longer. Haven’t owned one in years and you need to stay sharp. The late ’60, early ’70s Mercedes SLs need an expert to determine the quality of a specimen. The siren’s beauty will place your cursor over the Buy It Now and before you know it…click. We’ve learned a lot from frequent contributor Brian P. in California. We expect he will weigh-in with this one pretty quick. It is beautiful in Navy with white/gray interior. Part of the allure is the presentation. The photographs are interesting and we are sure there are more if you ask the seller. One of the most telling details on an SL body are known as notches. Read More