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Kee Moh Sah Bee: ’73 International Harvester Scout II

73 International Harvester Scout II
We didn’t see Johnny Depp’s Lone Ranger but remember vaguely watching reruns of the TV show. Tonto refers to Lone (they were on a first name basis) as Kee Moh Sah Bee. Some Native American linguistic scholars translate that to mean One Who Peeks or Scout. So the folks at International Harvester picked a good name when they landed on Scout. Kee Moh Sah Bee would have never worked. The first Scout was introduced in 1960. The Scout II was introduced in 1971. The basic sheet metal remained unchanged until production stopped in October 1980. During the 20-year period, 532,674 Scouts were produced. The Scout, introduced as a commercial utility pickup in 1960, set the stage for future 4-wheel recreational vehicles of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Read More


Landie ho! : ’69 Land Rover Series IIA Defender 88

69 Land Rover Series IIA frNot much to go on here as the seller is rather tight lipped about the details. He does say that it can be driven everyday. Unless you are John Wayne in Daktari, we aren’t sure how much fun that would be. Read More


Personality: ’62 Willys Overland 4X4

Willys Overland

We will never fully understand what motivates people to be attracted to a particular vintage car. For buyers of new cars, it doesn’t really matter that much. That decision is probably based more on need and budget. With old or vintage cars, there is some siren call that helps seal the deal. Case in point – there was an article about Ralph Lauren in Vanity Fair or some other magazine of similar literary integrity. One of the best images has Mr. Lauren behind the wheel of heavily patinated Jeep in powder blue where in fact there was any powder blue paint. We know he has the keys to one of the world’s best curated collections of classic cars. But he knows when he is on the ranch he needs something different. He could afford a new Jeep or Landie D-90 painted in any custom color with exotic interiors. But he chose this tired but happy old bulldog of a Jeep. Read More


Tarzan: ’93 Toyota Land Cruiser – Locked

Toyota Land Cruiser

Okay, so what does Locked mean? In Land Cruiser World it means it is equipped with front & rear differential lockers. This is an expensive option but essential if you plan on going anywhere that isn’t paved. This is our personal daily driver. We have it listed on eBay right now, so if you are in the market or know of someone who wants a turnkey classic SUV, send them to the auction. They will thank you for it. Buy It Now is $14,000. Oh, by the way, Tarzan is his name. You never change a Land Cruiser’s name. Visit the eBay auction by clicking here.Toyota Land Cruiser


Rarely seen: ’78 Jeep Wagoneer

Jeep Wagoneer

We like Jeeps. They paved (or unpaved) the way for the SUV and Crossovers that are so popular to day. Some are considered collectible. We think older ones are just neat. Most aficionados look towards the Grand Wagoneer for their ride of choice in this segment. But today’s featured listing is a regular Wagoneer and it looks way cool in this trim. Read More


Loyal Landie: 1965 Land Rover 109

109 FrThere is something special about original owner cars. Maybe it is the character of the caretaker that has been ingrained in the Landie over the years. Or maybe it is the experiences they shared. But it is special. And that is why this Landie is pretty darn cool. It starts with Landies having that indomitable spirit of an English Bulldog – and the unbroken ownership for over 46 years. The pictures don’t tell the entire story and the New York State location warrants a peek at the underside but I feel confident all is in order. It is offered at $21,000 and it would take you tons more to take a basket case to this level. But then all of the history might get washed away. See it here on Craigslist.