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Mint Exclusive – Osso di Seppia: ’67 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider

Duetto fr

This is just in and it won’t be around for long. It has to be one of the nicest Alfa Spiders we’ve seen in a long time. We didn’t want to wait for the rain to stop to take the pictures it deserves so we’ve broken our own rule to get it to you quickly. We’ve taken the liberty of referring to it as a Duetto, the name the new Spider was given during the first few years of production. They switched over to 1750 Spider late in ’67. We don’t know the production date so why not call it a Duetto. It is better than calling it a Graduate that refers to its starring role as Ben’s ride of choice in the movie co-starring Dustin Hoffman. The Duettos and early 1750s have a few nicknames. In Italy they call them Osso di Seppia or cuttle-fish bone and that refers to the unique boat-tail styling. Later cars have a chopped-off Kamn tail. Today’s exclusive is a great running car with a much larger 2-liter motor from a newer Kamn-tail. That’s a big jump in performance from the original 1600cc motor. Read More