Oops! Real Deal: ’66 Dodge Charger Hemi

66 Hemi fr

The listing was pulled in the wee hours of the morning….maybe it will be back at a higher price?

Trumpets blaring as we announce that this featured car is our first Dodge Charger! And it is a nice one. Designed by Carl  Cameron using the platform from the Coronet, the Charger introduced a fastback roofline and a pot-metal “electric shaver” grille. The grille used fully rotating headlights that when opened or closed made the grille look like one-piece unit. In 1966, four engines were offered: the base-model 318 cu in 2-barrel, the 361 cu in 2-barrel, the 383 cu in 4-barrel, and the new 426 Street Hemi. Only 468 Chargers were built with the 426. Today’s Charger is one of the 468! Read More