That’s racing: ’52 Crosley-Almquist

1952 Crosley Almquist V8

Ed Almquist, founder of Almquist Engineering, is one of the pivotal figures in the history of hot rodding. Less well known is that Almquist also offered a line of fiberglass kit car bodies that were very popular in the ’50s.The Almquist kit body program started in ’55 with a small Pennsylvania company called Clearfield Plastics that had developed a fiberglass sports car body to fit on Fiat Topolino and Crosley chassis. They got into financial trouble and sold the project to Ed Almquist. The first kit body, the Saber I, was a sleek sports car with a 72-92-inch wheelbase, a rounded nose, and an oval grille. The fenders tucked in behind the front wheels to provide ventilation for the brakes. Today’s featured racer is one of the nicest Sabers around.
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