Couch potato: ’58 Volvo Duett 445

1958 Volvo 445

If you are a fan of solid old Volvos, you know this one is pretty rare here in the US. The name Duett comes from management’s wishes to have a suitable commercial vehicle that can be used as a passenger vehicle on weekends. Hence one vehicle, 2 uses and the name Duett. Clever those Swedes were back then. Another little known fact (unless you are a Volvo trivia expert) is that the Duett was built on an old ladder type frame to simplify the fitting of special commercial bodies. Here’s a Jeopardy question, Alex Trebeck. The only Volvo sold in the USA that used a ladder-type frame. Buzzz! “What is a Duett?” Our featured Duett comes from the northwest and has been in the care of only 2 owners since new. Read More