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Lively One: ’62 Ford Galaxie 500XL Club Victoria, 1 of 1

1962 Ford Galaxie G-Code

Before there were muscle cars, there were cars with muscle; big bruisers with lots of horsepower and lots of sheetmetal. Today’s featured car is one of those big bruisers. In 1960, Ford, trying to catch Chevy in the sales race, introduced an all-new car. The Galaxie versions were the top of the line, and for 1960, it was a model series instead of a sub-series of the Fairlane 500. Ford was responding to Chevy’s Super Sports and supported the big Galaxie with an ad campaign called “the lively ones”. Despite being an all-new car, Ford’s rival still outsold them by 215,000 cars. The 1961 Galaxie was reskinned from the glass house down and lost the distinct look of the 1960 cars. Read More


Cadillac’s cousin: ’57 Ford Thunderbird

1957 Ford Thunderbird

Let’s get right to explaining the title. The same designer, Frank Hershey, who created the tailfin for the ’48 Cadillac Series 62, was on the team that designed the original Ford Thunderbird. So we took the liberty to assigning the “cousin” status to the Thunderbird.  Of course that is where the similarity ends. This Thunderbird, the first personal luxury car, was quite different than the Cadillac. The Thunderbird was a direct response to Chevy’s Corvette and when it was introduced in ’55 it clobbered the ‘Vette in sales. Our featured ’57 Thunderbird is said to be unrestored and in original condition. And of course, it is pink. Read More


Auction Results Part 2: Mecum sells!

Some great and some not so great cars sold yesterday. Prices are all over the map probably for reasons unknown to us here but evident to those who inspected the car before bidding. For example, we featured 2 almost identical Mercedes-Benz 190Sls. One sold at $90,000 with what is said to be original interior that is clearly not. Another not so great example sold at a more appropriate $61,000. Then there is a magnificent Mercedes-Benz 600 Short Wheelbase that was a No Sale at $55,000. An MGA that looked to be tidy was a No Sale at $19,000 and a Mercedes 280SL that was just okay sold for $60,000. Go figure. But that is what an auction is about. All you need are 2 bidders wanting the same car on the same day and silly things can happen. On the other hand, timing might be bad for some cars resulting in low prices or no sales. Not rocket science. Click on each for a full size image:

1957 MGA Roadster

1957 MGA Roadster No sale at $19000

1969 Mercedes-Benz 600

1969 Mercedes-Benz 600 SWB No sale at $55,000

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Hide your wallet, it is auction time in Monterey.

Every year, those who are truly passionate about the collector car hobby either descend on the Monterey Peninsula or are glued to the computer monitor or TV to watch the action at the auctions live. All of the best auction houses are represented and the competition for top offerings in keen. You’ll see great cars at  Goodings, RM Auctions, Mecum, and Christies. I am sure I left out a few. RM AuctionThere are plenty of cars in all price brackets so don’t think this is just for the Gulfstream IV set. We decided to take a break at offering you new featured cars with so many available in California. What we will do is try as best we can to report on sales. We’ll be a bit specific, and show you auction results on cars that we would typically feature on Mint. So there will be that eclectic mix that our readers like so much.

Let’s start with a look at the RM Auction Catalog (click on the cover). There is an enormous amount of information on the 500+ offerings at RM. Each description has an auction estimate and hopefully we can fill in with the final hammer price as the week progresses. Now on to some auction results from Mecum…

Mecum always has a good mix of affordable and outragious cars at any of their auctions. But at Monterey, we think they do search out a fair amount of imported and sports cars. So their tagline “Muscle Cars and More…” is true here. Click on each image for a larger size.

1970 Ford Bronco V8

1970 Ford Bronco V8 SOLD at $25,000


1969 Jaguar

1969 Jaguar SOLD at $39,000

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