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Updated eBay Auction – Project 106E: ’54 Renault 4 CV

Renault 4CV

At auction again with 2 days left.  The 4CV was developed in France during the German occupation. The project, code named 106E, was kept quiet from the German stewards who wanted Renault engineers to concentrate on military vehicles. But Technical Director Fernand Picard and Charles-Edmond Serre wanted to have a small, economical car ready when the war was over. Read More


25% Off: ’66 Citroen ID19

Citroen ID19

We really like Citroens so it is no surprise to see one on Mint every now and then. But this one is a bit unusual. It is an ID and not a DS. The ID shared the DS’s body but was less powerful. Although it shared the engine capacity of the DS engine. The ID19 was also more traditional mechanically: it had no power steering and had conventional transmission and clutch instead of the DS’s hydraulically controlled set-up. Initially the basic ID19 was sold on the French market with a price saving of more than 25% against the DS. The ID19 followed the DS19’s example in using a punning name. While “DS” is pronounced in French as “Déesse” (goddess), “ID” is pronounced as “Idée” (idea).
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Franco-Italiano: ’72 Citroen SM

Citroen SM

This was some kind of car back in the day. So much so, it won the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award. We know what unique cars Citroens are. That’s exactly why its fans are so passionate. And the SM is the most extreme and its fans the most passionate. We don’t mean extreme in a bad way. In fact, you have to hand it to Citroen for not caring how other car companies did things. They emulated no one. Brake pedals in regular cars? – oui. Brake pedals in Citroens? – non. They have a button shaped like a mushroom to do the job. Read More


Corrugated: ’56 Citroen 2CV

Citroen 2 CV

We know this is our 2nd post of a Citroen 2CV since our launch but who could resist this really old one! We hear a chorus of yes we can in the background. But really, isn’t it just the cutest thing. If you are currently in the dog house, you could bring this one home on Valentine’s Day and all will be right again.Citroen Where else will you find seats covered so daringly? Well an old Volvo 142 maybe. If you don’t know the history of 2CVs look at our earlier post of a more contemporary version in frog green. This one is in California at one of our favorite sellers. Buy It Now at $17,500. There are tons of big images on the auction site and you can get there by clicking here.