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Lights: ’72 Alfa-Romeo GTV

72 Alfa Romeo GTV

We couldn’t resist featuring this GTV when it popped into our mailbox this morning. First, we are big fans of the Alfa GTV. In fact, it is probably one of our favorite cars of all time. If you haven’t had the pleasure of this compact styled, comfortable interior, supple ride with go-kart handling then you really owe it to yourself to try it on for size. It fits like a well-worn Gucci loafer and the sound the engine makes is pure listening pleasure. Read More


La Musica: ’86 Alfa Romeo GTV6

86 Alfa Romeo GTV 6

Motor magazines have quoted the Busso V-6 engine as one of the best sounding engines ever. The British Classic & Sportscar noted it as “The best sounding engine, this side of a Maserati V8”. If you’ve ever heard one at full chat, it is a very cool sound. We really like these Alfas after years of not really liking the way they look. But the Giugiaro design is now appreciated and has become pretty neat to look at.

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