A **** : ’59 Lancia Aurelia Convertible

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A **** is a rating given by Sports Car Market Magazine. They rate collector cars based on the rated car’s ability to continue in a valuation trend, stay steady or even decrease in popularity. It doesn’t get any better than this rating for today’s Lancia. We know this one because it was discovered in Connecticut and we spotted it on a flatbed across from our office. Natty and tired but more important, it is all there (except the original seats. Good catch reader fiatosca!). A little background on these wonderful cars: If Princess Grace (Kelly) came back to life as a car, I think it would be this Lancia. A sad analogy since she died in a car crash but it does work here. The Lancia Aurelia Convertible, although small and unpretentious, is one of the most elegant and well-engineered cars of the period. When the Aurelia B20 Coupe was unveiled it was the most superbly engineered car ever. In fact, the B20, was third in the 1951 Mille Miglia and another was second in the 1952 event, splitting two Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupes. Read More