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Needs loving: ’67 Lancia Fulvia

67 Lancia Fulvia

We have yet to meet a Fulvia owner that wasn’t head over heels in love with the car. Why you ask? Well, talk to any Italian car technician and they will tell you the Lancia is far superior in engineering and detail than its countryman – the Alfa Romeo. Lancia owners understand this and hang in there battling flat valuations and little hope for upside potential. There just aren’t enough people to outstrip supply. So Lancia fans tend to be multiple Lancia owners. Why not? They have a garage filled with parts and rescue Lancias can be had cheaply. Read More


When in Rome: 1964 Lancia Flaminia Coupe

Close your eyes and imagine you are parked along the streets of Rome waiting for your significant other who might be shopping or getting you a double scoop of nocciolo gelato. You’re anxious to get moving again. To listen to the 4-cylinder jewel of an engine whine through the gears as you pick your way through the traffic like a taxi driver in Bangkok.Lancia Flaminia Coupe II Lancias will do that to you and this one, although not the sportiest version, possess the same level of quality and engineering excellence Lancias are known for. This one, being sold by its owner of 7 years, looks like a solid specimen with a great color combination and a long list of maintenance records.Lancia Flaminia Coupe I The price at $34,000 is right in the middle of the SCM Price Guide so it is fairly priced if all the mechanicals check out. Only 4100 Pininfarina Coupes were manufactured so you will be welcome at any rally or event with open arms. See it here on Craigslist Philadelphia.