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Not every day: ’51 Mercury Woody

1951 Mercury

The styling of the Mercury Eight, when it was released in 1949, was successful in differentiating Mercury from its comparable Ford cousin. That spelled sales success. Sales figures for Mercury broke records in 1949. The Mercury Eight used full instrumentation. The 4-door station wagon was replaced with a 2-door model.  Read More


Lead Sled: ’51 Mercury V-8 Coupe

'51 Mercury Coupe

The first post war Mercury design was introduced in the 1949 model year. The engine was a Flathead V-8 and a new overdrive system was optional. The styling of the Mercury Eight was successful in both ending the monotony of boring pre-war style, and differentiating Mercury from its comparable Ford cousin. Sales figures for both Ford and Mercury broke records in 1949.
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