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Got nothing: ’38 Packard “House Car”

1938 Packard House Car

Help us. We must admit to being stumped by this one. We couldn’t find much information about this alleged Packard. Maybe it isn’t officially called a “house car” as that is a pretty lame name. It does look like a Packard though. The seller says it is rare and in original condition. He also states they have sold for six figures somewhere. Read More


The whole truth: ’48 Packard Custom Roadster


This is one outrageous Packard! Based on the not terribly popular bathtub Packard design, this Roadster is the lifelong dream of its creator, John Rudolph. Not the John Rudolph, NPR radio producer of Feet in Two Worlds, but the John Rudolph who is a Packard fanatic. It was created as part of the California Custom movement according to someone intimately familiar with the car. Read More


Rare ’50s Convertible: ’53 Packard Carribean

Packard Carribean

Early Packards are revered by collectors for their innovations, quality and beautiful design. By the time we get to the 1950’s, Packard was sort of hanging on to a faded image from the past. That comment should not influence how you feel about this offering. These are really neat early ’50s luxury cars. Introduced as part of the Packard Cavalier model range, the 1953 Caribbean was perhaps Packard’s most easily identified ’50’s designed car because of its full cutout rear wheel housing and side trim. A steel continental spare tire was also standard. Read More