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Big Chief: ’54 Pontiac Chieftain

Pontiac Chieftain

We are big fans of the traditional American station wagon. So when someone sends us one for consideration, we are both excited yet careful. There happens to be lots of junk out there passing themselves off as a classic wagon. Read More


Room for six: ’66 Pontiac Catalina Convertible

66 Pontiac Catalina Conv

This one knocked our socks off. We really like the design of the mid-sixties Pontiacs. These are big cars proud of the fact they have a very wide-stance. Sorry, meant wide-track. Senator Larry Craig has the wide-stance if we recall correctly. If this was some restored car we would like it but probably not agree to offer it to our readers. But that isn’t the case. This is a 27,000 mile documented, original car. That means nothing is new here. Read More


American Version: ’65 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 – Part 1

Pontiac Catalina 2+2

The wild mid-60s created the most extraordinary American cars. It was the muscle car era and it didn’t burn itself out. It was forced out by the government after the oil embargo. And then there were the clean air acts that required technology to leap forward rather clumsily. We went from the Boss 429 to the Mustang II – a favorite of Charlie’s Angels and nobody else. Pontiac was a real player in this era and I guess we thank DeLorean and two colleagues for the idea to stuff big V-8s into a mid-size chassis. Maybe he was influenced by Carroll Shelby transplanting a V-8 into a tiny British AC Ace? Anyway, GM’s use of the GTO badge miffed il Commendatore Ferrari. He couldn’t stop them, preferring to smirk at the notion the Pontiac was anything more than a poser. The editors at Car & Driver performed a shoot-out between the 2 GTOs for a cover story. It was a great story. Read More


Another bubble: ’61 Pontiac Bonneville Hardtop Coupe

Pontiac Bonneville

We posted a Bubble Top Chevy 409 last week to rave reviews. It was a stunning example. Well Pontiac had a version of the same body and it is equally breathtaking. Look at the length of the front and rear sections of this car. And the greenhouse is so well proportioned. Today’s find is a rust free 1961 Pontiac Bonneville 2 door Hardtop Sports coupe ‘Bubble Roof’ in original factory ‘Jadestone Green Metallic’ color paint with original ‘Shelton Ivory’ roof. Read More


Looks Like Someone Bought it…We know, it’s Plum Mist: ’67 Pontiac Safari

Pontiac Safari

We’ve had a Woodie before – a real one but this is our first Vinyl Woodie. After they stopped making real Woodies for practical reasons, they began making fake ones called “Tin Woodies”. We like to think wagons built in the 50s are true Tin Woodies. But these Vinyl-clad beasts from the late 60s might fall into that category. They are quite popular now as boomers age and remember being carted around in them in the rear facing seats. Read More