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Well done: ’71 MGB Event-ready

1971 MGB Race car

We can be really brief with this one. The seller’s eBay listing does a fine job of describing the immaculate preparation effort lavished on this solid, good-looking MGB. It is said to be event ready and it looks like it. If you are new to TSD rallies or any track events, you might look too good for skill level. But that’s okay for us. The modifications are well thought out and the quality of the parts seem to us to be top-notch. We love the plexiglass headlight covers and the safety hood latches. Read More


Bush Taxi: ’79 Peugeot 504

79 Peugeot 504

Peugeot’s flagship, the 504 made its public debut on 12 September 1968 at the Paris Auto Show. The press launch which had been scheduled for June 1968 deferred by three months, and production got off to a similarly delayed start because of political discord which exploded across France in May 1968. It is a tough sedan and had great success as a competitive rally car back in the day.  Read More


Rally Car To Be: 1967 Mercedes-Benz 230S 4-Speed

PS SIDE FULLDon’t get all excited because he’s not for sale. Meet The Colonel. He’s our 1967 Mercedes-Benz 230S Rally Car Tribute to be. We have fond memories of these old S-Klasse sedans. My Uncle Eugene had one when everyone else in the family drove Caddies. Not my parents but everyone else. They make great vintage rally cars because they are relatively inexpensive to buy, pretty expensive to get ready to rumble yet fun, comfortable and reliable. We’re fans of BaT and they have a really nice build. Unlike theirs, ours will remain mechanically unmodified. So what’s with The Colonel you ask? Read More


Rally Candidate: 1965 Ford Falcon 289/4-speed

falconWe know, it isn’t the celebrated Sprint body but the regular notchback 2-door. But how often do you see one with a factory 289 and a 4-speed floor shift? You don’t. Add the fact that it was purchased in Glendora, California and has remained in Cali its entire life. As an added bonus, the original dealer invoice is in the glovebox attesting to its rare power train. fa rallyWe would return the grille to whatever it was originally, add a boat-load of Cibie Super Oscars, run steelies without wheel covers and be welcome at almost any historic or fun rally event. On Craigslist in Los Angeles.