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How neat is it… : ’72 SAAB Sonett


A bunch of SAAB engine designers and enthusiasts formed a limited research-and-development team to build a small sports car, with a total budget of only 75,000 kroner. It became known as the Sonett, a name derived from the Swedish phrase Så nätt den är – How neat is it. The Sonett 1 – only six were made. The Sonett II had better success building 258 units. They felt they were limiting the market by using the 2-stroke engine so plans were rushed into play to adapt Ford’s V-4 engine for the next version.  Read More


Troll: ’69 SAAB 95 Wagon

SAAB 95 Wagon

SAABs are weird and that is why we like them. We know of their legendary prowess at winning winter ralllies driven by people name Stig or Gunnar. And the jelly bean shape was never copied by any other forward thinking car company. Early 3-cylinder SAABs take a fair amount of skill and knowledge to keep on the road. Mostly because people without gas powered lawn mowers or generators won’t know to mix oil and gas in specific proportions. Read More