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Kee Moh Sah Bee: ’73 International Harvester Scout II

73 International Harvester Scout II
We didn’t see Johnny Depp’s Lone Ranger but remember vaguely watching reruns of the TV show. Tonto refers to Lone (they were on a first name basis) as Kee Moh Sah Bee. Some Native American linguistic scholars translate that to mean One Who Peeks or Scout. So the folks at International Harvester picked a good name when they landed on Scout. Kee Moh Sah Bee would have never worked. The first Scout was introduced in 1960. The Scout II was introduced in 1971. The basic sheet metal remained unchanged until production stopped in October 1980. During the 20-year period, 532,674 Scouts were produced. The Scout, introduced as a commercial utility pickup in 1960, set the stage for future 4-wheel recreational vehicles of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Read More