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Great Racer: ’41 Studebaker Champion

1941 Studebaker Champion

It is appropriate that one of the owners of this sweet little car felt compelled to enter it into the 1st Great American Race. You see back in the day the Champion was indeed a champion – in fuel economy. The mantra at Studebaker in 1938 was “weight is the enemy”. We wonder if Colin Chapman worked there? Because it was light and powered by a stingy 78hp inline 6, it was a consistent winner of the Mobilgas Economy Run. Read More


Early muscle car – ’56 Studebaker Golden Hawk

56 studebaker golden hawk

We missed getting this one up in time but it didn’t sell. We would watch for it to be relisted like many eBay auctions.

The styling of the Golden Hawk was executed by the studio of Raymond Loewy. They took the basic shape of the Commander and added a vertical eggcrate grille, a squared off trunk and fiberglass tailfins. OMG! We have to tell you, when we saw this car, submitted by Frank K., we were impressed by the unique styling of this early muscle car. We said muscle car because the Packard engine that powered it produced 275 hp making it one of the fastest cars of the period. Read More


Skybolt Six: ’61 Studebaker Lark

61 Studebaker Lark

The Studebaker Lark was ingeniously designed using the platform of the full-sized 1953–1958 Studebakers. Engineers reduced the front and rear overhangs and shortened the wheelbase ahead of the firewall. But the car could still seat six people comfortably and hold a surprising amount of luggage. It was hoped that the Lark would save America’s oldest vehicle manufacturer when it was launched as a 1959 model. Sales were brisk mainly because the Big 3 didn’t yet have a suitable compact car and dealers were allowed to represent Studebakers in addition to their Big 3 franchise. Read More


Pass the Salt (Flats): ’64 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk

64 Gran Turismo Hawk

These are really neat cars and that is why they have been awarded Milestone Car status. The entire run of Studebaker’s personal cars was designed by Brook Stevens. And since the the last iteration of the line is the Gran Turismo, it should be considered the premier example of the Hawks. Read More