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The Making of a Volvo 1800ES – A YouTube Video

An old friend from our Volvo days sent us this neat video about the building of a 1800ES. It is a documentary-style film in Swedish dubbed in English. Since the Volvo P1800S, 1800E & ES have caught on fire, we thought you might want to see the old world handwork that was required to bring that beautiful design to life. The video is 14 minutes long but we assume it took quite a bit longer to build one from start to finish.


Updated: ’72 Volvo 1800E

72 Volvo 1800E

This Volvo 1800E is very hot. But not inside where it is very cold should you elect to turn on the A/C. Not just any A/C but a super modern, built for Florida A/C. Volvo P1800s are on fire lately. After decades in the shadows, enthusiasts have recognized the charm of these Swedish GT cars. Perhaps you’ve seen Volvo’s most recent summer sales campaign featuring Irv Gordon and his ’66 P1800. Irv is scheduled to cement his Guinness Book of Records position by ticking over 3 million miles sometime in September in Alaska. Don’t ask him why they picked Alaska other than it is the only state he hasn’t visited in the Volvo. Read More


An Early Volvo: ’58 Volvo 444

58 Volvo 444  fr

People who aren’t familiar with Volvo history joke about the styling –or lack of – of the 444/544 Volvo. It looks too much like a 3/4 size ’40 Ford they say. Well, they don’t know the Swedes. The Swedes are inspired by things around them. If you look at today’s Volvos, they are quite elegant, spare and dare I say, natural looking. Just like the Swedish countryside. I guess back in the ’50s they were influenced by American styling. But that was what they did back then. The 1st Volvo, the Jakob, looked like any other car from the period. Later, Volvo was inspired by the spacey American Kaiser when they created a prototype V-8 car called the Phillip (how did I remember that name) in the 50s. That doesn’t make them bad at making cars. Read More