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Who ate the seats?: ’67 Chevy C10 Pickup

Chevy C1067 Chevy C10 intConserve or restore? We say conserve but please let us buy some seat covers! This is the 1st of 2 old work horses. It seemed appropriate for us to feature some old affordable trucks now that Spring is in the air. Where we are in Northwest Connecticut, people are crazy for these things. We didn’t pick just any truck we picked an original C10 that we think will clean up real nice. It has been in storage for sometime and it still wears bias-ply tires. And it hails from Montana so if you feel like putting your boots on and donning your Stetson, this will be the perfect accessory. See all of the pictures on eBay by clicking here.


4th Generation: ’66 Ford F100

Ford PU Fr

Ford P u dashConserve or restore? In this case we vote conserve. Not because this is an important collectible, but because it is cool to drive an old truck. The Ford F100 has been at or near the top of the Best Selling list in the USA for like 34 years. And it started with pick-up trucks like this one. It’s just an honest workhorse. The driving lights are a nice touch and will probably be handy out on the range. Check out this honest old truck on eBay by clicking here.


Not the band: ’48 REO Speed Wagon

REO Speed Wagon

Ransom E. Olds is the genesis of the name of this car company. First introduced in 1915, production continued through 1953. Although the basic design and styling of the chassis remained consistent, the Speed Wagon was manufactured in a variety of configurations (pickup and panel truck, passenger bus) to serve as delivery, tow, dump, and fire trucks as well as hearses and ambulances.48 REO Speedwagon eng Read More


Swept Away: ’66 Dodge D100 Pickup Survivor

1966 Dodge D100 Sweptline

Virgil Exner designed some pretty unusual cars for Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge. When fins were in, Virgil’s fins were bigger and finier than any one else. Exner retired around 1961 but his influence on design hung around when they created the D100 Dodge trucks. They had a distinctive rear bed referred to as a Sweptline. The entire package was distinctive but maybe less attractive than the competition in the day. Fast forward to today and Sweptlines have quite the following ironically because of the distinctive styling that may have been a tad controversial in the day. And that takes us to our offering today.

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Loyal Landie: 1965 Land Rover 109

109 FrThere is something special about original owner cars. Maybe it is the character of the caretaker that has been ingrained in the Landie over the years. Or maybe it is the experiences they shared. But it is special. And that is why this Landie is pretty darn cool. It starts with Landies having that indomitable spirit of an English Bulldog – and the unbroken ownership for over 46 years. The pictures don’t tell the entire story and the New York State location warrants a peek at the underside but I feel confident all is in order. It is offered at $21,000 and it would take you tons more to take a basket case to this level. But then all of the history might get washed away. See it here on Craigslist.