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C-Type Head: ’56 Jaguar XK140 MC

Jaguar XK140 MC

No, the headline isn’t some perverse trick to get you to read the story of today’s featured Jaguar. The XK140 is the second iteration of road going post-war Jaguar sports cars. The first being the fabulous XK120, the darling of the Hollywood set and yes, the rest of the world too. XKs came in 3 body configurations: a Fixed Head Coupe (FHC), a Roadster or Open Two Seat (OTS) and the Drophead Coupe (DHC). That continued in 1955 when the XK140 was introduced. The XK140 made things a little more livable for driver and passenger by moving the firewall and engine forward 3 inches. The bumpers were redesigned to afford more protection for those gorgeous flanks. Read More


Fifty shades of grey: ’55 Jaguar XK140 FHC

55 Jaguar XK140

The XK140 replaced the spectacular XK120 in 1954. Thankfully, the new car followed the previous model with just enough modifications to be worth the effort yet maintain the voluptuous lines that has made this car such a classic. Exterior changes that distinguished it from the XK120 included more substantial front and rear bumpers with overriders, and flashing turn signals located above the front bumper. The interior was made more comfortable for taller drivers by moving the engine, firewall and dash forward to give 3 inches more leg room. Read More