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This site is about finding cars. Not the dual-clutch, turbocharged, computer controlled cars – but real cars with style, attitude and imperfections. If this site were a person it would be Steve McQueen. Not that Steve had any imperfection other than leaving us way too soon.

We’ve always said looking for a particular car can be more fun than actually owning it. We think it is true.  If you spend more time dreaming about renovating your garage than redecorating your house you know what I mean. People who don’t understand think it is a sickness. We call it a passion. This is your site. We’ll do some of the heavy lifting by scouring the globe for great cars or cars that just brighten up your day. But you will have to help.

Send us what we miss. Maybe it is from a local Craigslist ad or even something parked on the street. If it is available, this is where we let the world know. And let’s not forget about the little things we love.  Affectionately referred to as “automobilia”. We like to call it cool stuff. So if you run across a complete tool roll for an XK 120 or a NOS Weber Carb still in its original box, let us know. We’ll try and make a marriage for you.

We will cover events because that is what we like to do. Since we are East Coasters, we can cover events that other great sites miss.  Our harsh winter here in New England won’t shut us down. There are plenty of events down south that are on our list to cover. And getting there is half the fun.

And don’t forget. Get it before it’s gone.

Michael Maddalena and the Enthusiasts at Mint2Me

'65 Morgan Plus 4, Greenwich Concours Best English Sports Car '60-'65 Restored by Michael Maddalena

’65 Morgan Plus 4, Greenwich Concours
Best English Sports Car ’60-’65
Restored by Michael Maddalena