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Rare Parts

We at Mint love to scour flea markets like Hersey and Carlisle. Lime Rock Park, right here in our own backyard, has turned up some mighty cool pieces. My friend and frequent contributor, Mike Marciano swears by the annual Bug In where he has found amazing things. And we know how hard you are looking for that special something.

Maybe it’s here and not eBay? Or maybe it’s here and on eBay but you missed it? We’ll list rare parts that are on eBay for you to help drive traffic to the auction. Send the information to: michael at

Talk about rare parts…

We found this original Ferrari exhaust system under a pile. Totally new old stock still in the factory plastic. We are trying to find out what it is 1photo 3photo 2



































Our first 2 offerings are really unobtainium. In fact, the parts may belong to historic racers that no longer exist. But if we can find the car they came off of, wouldn’t that be great? These are being offered by Auto Turismo Sport, Ltd in New Milford, Connecticut.

Undetermined Maserati Grand Prix Car Grille

Maserati_1 Maserati 3– Probably from the 1930’s. It is in excellent shape although a little grimey from long-term storage. On the reverse side, each cross rib is carefully numbered with Roman numerals – I through XX.

Undetermined Ferrari Race Car Grille –


Ferrari_166_1 – We thought it was from a 166 from the early 1950’s but it can also be from a Grand Prix car of the same era. And we believe that because it is rather tall and narrow compared to 166 sports cars. It is a little rougher in condition than the Maserati grille and looks virtually hand made. The sellers, Auto Turismo Sport, know where their father acquired this one. He was racing at Lime Rock back in the ’50s and this Ferrari crashed and was abandoned at the track. After all, it was just a wrecked race car back then. During the racing season, people just walked up to the wreck and took what they wanted. He found the grille resting against a tree and took it home with him hoping to put it to good use. Here it  is 55 years later.