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Go have some fun: ’61 MGA

MGA 1600
We just returned from Amelia Island Concours where every car within eye sight is just freaking perfect. Now we are confident that many, if not all, of these cars are fun to own and drive. Not sure how many owners would drive these beauties into town to pick up a something for dinner but I am sure there are a few who still treat them like cars. If you are lucky enough to own a perfect collectible car and want something fun that you can really enjoy, consider this ’61 MGA 1600. It is inexpensive and a ton of fun. The ’61s have a 1600cc motor and front disc brakes – both a welcome upgrade. This example has a had a bunch of work done recently at Auto Turismo Sport and that made it into a nice driver-quality car that offers some degree of reliability. But it is British and old so let us just say the odds of you returning home without issue have improved dramatically. Read More


Ex-Prince Ruspoli: ’61 Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder

Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder
The Maserati 3500 GT Coupe was designed by chief engineer Giulio Alfieri. It was developed from the AG6 of 1946, which was offered only as a rolling chassis. The chassis evolved during the 1960s and eventually gave birth to the Sebring and Mistral. The 3500 GT with the twin-plug, 3.5-liter inline-six could top 140 mph. The 3500 GT, sports a ZF all-synchro four-speed gearbox, a Salisbury axle, Alford and Adler front suspension, and Girling brakes. Mechanical developments continued throughout production, with a five-speed ZF gearbox optional in 1960 and made standard the next year. Three options were added in 1960 – front disc brakes, center-lock Borrani wire wheels, and a limited-slip differential. The rarest factory version of the 3500 GT was the Spyder, which was bodied by Alfredo Vignale on a slightly shortened 100-inch wheelbase chassis. Read More


Love Story: ’51 MG TD

photo 1

The MG TC, and this version, the TD, is the reason why we have sports cars here in the United States. Okay, so that is a bit of a hyperbole but we hope you get the point. It seems American service men & service women fell in love with these little cars and brought them back here in droves. MG finally took advantage of the popularity and brought them in themselves. Cars make a name for themselves when they are featured in movies. We have Bond’s Aston Martin, the Saint’s Volvo 1800S and the Alfa Romeo from the Graduate. Today, we have an MG, albeit a TD, that was represented in the movie Love Story. Oliver Barrett IV was disowned by his wealthy father when he married a regular person, Jennifer Cavalleri. They fell in love and tooled around Boston in a TC all year round. See dies (not from pneumonia) and Oliver gets to deliver the famous line to his father: “love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Read More


SOLD!—–Phil Hill’s Favorite: ’69 Ferrari 365GTC



We are pleased to announce that we have completed a deal on this maginificent Ferrari. The buyer and seller are both happy with the outcome.

This breaking news for Mint readers – a new exclusive offering from one of Auto Turismo Sports clients. Today’s exclusive is a rare 1969 Ferrari 365GTC. The first GTC, the 330GTC, was powered by a Colombo designed V12 producing 300 horsepower, and was first introduced in ’66 and continued in production until ’68. Only 600 were built during that production run and the finest examples of that car have touched the million dollar mark recently. In late 1968, the original GTC’s engine displacement was enlarged to 4,390 cc, and the 365 GTC was born. Combining the luxurious quality and good looks of its predecessor with improved acceleration. Only 168 examples were produced between late 1968 and 1970, making it one of the rarest production Ferraris of the period. The 365 GTC is considered by many aficionados to be the finest all-around road-going Ferrari produced prior to the mid-1990s. Phil Hill called it “the best road-going Ferrari ever”.

GTC INTChassis number 12127 is a 10-year old cosmetic restoration by Kent Bain, well-respected in the Ferrari world. It has held up well and mechanically maintained by ATS expert technicians.

The current owner purchased the 365 in 1999. Marcel Massini, Ferrari historian, provided a detailed ownership history on the car and it is available for your review. According to the report, it was originally delivered in Grigio Ortello (gray) and is finished now in Rosso Corsa with original Pelle Nero (black) interior. The current mileage is approximately 91,000 KM. The engine has been well maintained and has not been rebuilt to our knowledge. It does not have any immediate needs at this time. Recent auction prices substantiated by the Sports Car Market Price Guide have valuations in excess of $1 million for excellent examples. If you have serious interest in this well documented 365GTC, call us and we will begin to share more detailed information and arrange for your representative to inspect the 365GTC here in Connecticut. For additional photos please click on this link. The best number to call is 203-417-6856 and ask for Michael.GTC DS Rear


Cool Historic Rally Video!

This is a video of the 1962 Argentina Rally where our intrepid Mercedes-Benz Fintails came in 1st and 2nd place. First place driver looks particularly happy about her achievement.



Classy Driver: ’62 Lancia Flaminia Coupe

Lanc frWe really like this car. Not because it is the most beautiful or rare but because it is so well engineered. And it is rather rare so you won’t see yourself coming and going. Sean Sheridan, our senior Ferrari technician, has worked on this car. One might say you can have a similar driving experience in this Flaminia Coupe as you would in an early Ferrari road car albeit with less power (but a lot less money). Lancia InteriorThis offering has been turned into a nice driver quality car that with a little more effort, could be even more presentable cosmetically. The paint is “okay” and the chrome could be brighter but the interior looks nice as is. Contact us for more information and pricing should be in the mid-20s. For more photos click here.Lancia




Coming Soon: Lancia Flaminia Coupe and a Rare Fiat OSCA 1500 Spider

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 7.22.54 PMWe know where they are and what condition they are in. What we need to confirm are the asking prices. The Lancia is a late ’50s example in Slate Gray with dark red leather interior. It is in good “driver condition” but needs a bit more to be totally dialed in. Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 7.24.12 PMThe Fiat 1500 OSCA Spider is a rare bird. It is a real example and not just a transplanted motor. This one is a black-plate California car and is very complete including the Nardi wheel, special gauges and 15″ rims, but it needs a restoration. Contact me directly if either one interests you. We should have pictures on Monday when the snow clears!


Sky Blue: ’78 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

IMG_6879The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the few 4-wheel drive trucks coveted by collectors. Patterned after the Jeep and Land Rover 4-wheelers, the Land Cruiser proved that Toyota could produce a tough multi-purpose platform and not just econoboxes. In production for a quarter century, the FJ became the “go to” vehicle in remote areas of the world. In standard form, they are capable of climbing mountains, crossing deserts, and, well, doing just about the impossible. Read More


B Plus: ’71 Porsche 911T Targa

PorscheWe received our new copy of Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide yesterday. It is a good tool to help sort through the maze of market opinions on collector cars. The new issue has early 911, long wheelbase Porsches rated B-Grade collectibles with 4 stars. They also note a 20% increase in valuation over last year. The 4 star rating suggests this model will outperform the market by as much as 10%. With that said, you should have a look at this Porsche not because it is a good investment but as a a rewarding car to drive in many ways. Read More


It has been awhile…

The ShopWe moved our office to Auto Turismo Sport almost a year ago. It is a great shop run by Steve Mastroianni and has been around since ’68. Because I am there almost daily, I have been able to devote some time to the shop and that benefits both me and Steve. I know more now after these 10 months have gone by than I knew before. In addition to Steve and the entire crew at ATS, I have come to know some astute collectors, and others who make their living through the classic car “hobby”. I always have trouble referring to it as a hobby, hence the quotes. It is big business to some and just fun for others: and unfortunately, extremely frustrating for many. By the way, that is Sean Sheridan resurrecting a Miura that has been asleep for 14 years. Now that was a fun test drive experience! Read More