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Be careful out there…

With our office now located at Auto Turismo Sport, we see lots of new acquisitions by owners who have not seen nor requested a thorough PPI prior to purchase. That, dear readers, is Russian roulette, vintage car style. Some are lucky and get what they expected but in most cases there are surprises. Big surprises. DSC_1752Like “no floors in my new Porsche” surprises. In most cases, you have very little recourse for cars that are misrepresented. So you have to suck it up and lose some money. Read More


Green with envy: ’74 Ducati 750SS

750 Hand Grip

There is a first for everything and you are never too old to learn. Mintologists are basically car people but we’ve been smitten by 2 motorcycles that have managed to crawl under our skin. We announce to the world that we are not experts in the land of the 2 wheeler therefore we invite corrective comments delivered in the proper tone. But we are fast learners and always ask the advice of people who are well-known in their world. With that said, Mint is proud to announce the exclusive representation of a ’74 Ducati 750 SS Green Frame or Super Sport. As the editors at Italy’s Motociclismo wrote, “To say that the SuperSport 750 was one of the most beautiful sportbikes ever made is no exaggeration; it may be considered among the most significant motorcycles of all time.” This was a street bike that went racing. The then new Ducati 750 was raced by Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari at the inaugural Imola 200 road race. Smart was not overly impressed by the roadster and didn’t even want to ride it. That changed when he arrived back in the pits to much fanfare because he had just smashed Imola’s lap record! Smart and fellow 750SS rider Bruno Spaggiari went on to a smashing 1-2 finish. Read More


Did one of our readers buy this Buick and ship it to New Zealand?: ’70 Buick Skylark

70 Buick fr

One of our readers from New Zealand is now the proud owner of this California Skylark. It was featured almost a year ago submitted by our friend Tony B. who spotted it on the street near his home in Venice. The new owner would like to know more about the car and how it wound up in New Zealand.  Read More


Absolutely New & Exclusive

No narrative required. We’ll tell you what we have access to and if you know what they are and have been looking for one, call us. We have interest in both but they are still uncommitted at present.

Ducati 750SS’74 Ducati 750SS Green Frame – totally original and quite remarkable.





74 750 GT’74 Ducati 750GT – restored.











Call Mint (Michael) at (203) 417-6856 for details. But don’t wait too long. These are rare items that don’t come to market often.