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Outragious: ’63 Dodge 330 Station Wagon

63 Dodge 330

We love to find a “throw away” car that someone rescues and then lavishes immense amount of creativity on it. That is the case with this Dodge 330 Station Wagon. And with that said, it is even cooler to do that with a station wagon. These are clearly not historic vehicles unless equipped with the top of the line engines like the 426ci 4-barrel cars. Read More


Rare Sighting: ’77 Toyota Corona Station Wagon

77 Toyota Corona Wagon

Okay, if it weren’t a station wagon, it wouldn’t be here. Vintage station wagons are just fun cars to have. You know you always need something to haul around stuff on occasion but not frequently enough to buy a new Mercedes-Benz E350. So why not get a cool wagon with that period Japanese funky styling. Read More


Patina Preserved: ’52 Chrysler Town & Country

52 Chrysler Town & Country

When a Town & Country is either restored or in good original condition it is a thing of beauty. We aren’t talking Pebble Beach beautiful but rather a really neat example of the state of the American auto industry of the 1950s. The Town & Country was Chrysler’s most expensive model back then. The interiors were beautiful with lots of tough grained vinyl, real wood and bright chrome trim. Read More