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Patina Preserved: ’52 Chrysler Town & Country

52 Chrysler Town & Country

When a Town & Country is either restored or in good original condition it is a thing of beauty. We aren’t talking Pebble Beach beautiful but rather a really neat example of the state of the American auto industry of the 1950s. The Town & Country was Chrysler’s most expensive model back then. The interiors were beautiful with lots of tough grained vinyl, real wood and bright chrome trim. Read More


1950 SUV: ’50 Chrysler Traveler

Chrysler Traveler 1950

We couldn’t find out too much about this particular model Chrysler so we can assume the seller’s clam that it is rare is in fact true. Maybe it isn’t a model and more of an option. Perhaps some of our readers can set us straight. But it is Mint-worthy for sure. It is a 1950 Chrysler Traveler 6 passenger touring sedan. Read More


Lion Hearted: ’59 Chrysler Windsor

1959 Chrysler Windsor

In 1957, Chrysler execs called upon Virgil Exner and his team to redesign the Chrysler Windsor. They started off by switching to a larger chassis, probably to accommodate the large rear tail fins that begin their upsweep at the B-pillar. Chrysler began advertising their car’s engines as “Golden Lions” and the cars as “Lion Hearted”. Lions were used in the advertising, and the cars had lion emblems on the fenders. You can see the lion emblems on the leading edge of the front doors of today’s Craigslist find. Read More


Sausage Puller: ’67 Chrysler Town & Country – Part-2

Chrysler Town & Country

Typically we like to share a little history about the offerings of the day. For the most part, there are usually tidbits of interesting data that we can share with you. But this is a 1967 Town & Country Station Wagon. Other than it being the top of line Chrysler of the day, there really isn’t anything to say. But of course, we make the ordinary extraordinary. This offering was previously owned by the Beatles. No, not really. Read More


Top Hat: ’54 Chrysler New Yorker Newport

Chrysler New Yorker

Chrysler’s post war designs had an unusually high roof-line because Chrysler President K.T. Heller felt men had to be able to wear their hats while driving. Despite that this 2-door hardtop Newport looks pretty darn good here in Canary Yellow. Yesterday we featured a stunning ’49 Cadillac with their new V-8. In 1951 Chrysler answered Cadillac with the introduction of the 331ci Hemi rated at 180hp. Read More