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Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you’ve found a car you like on Mint2Me, your next stop should be to contact Jewel or Jalopy to find a knowledgeable inspector for a pre-purchase inspection.  Jewel or Jalopy (, the first website of its kind, connects car buyers with local, knowledgeable, car enthusiasts to perform a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) on the vehicle. Inspectors can verify the details in the ad, take digital photos of the car, check for damage, take the vehicle for a test drive and report back to you.  Jewel Or JalopyIf the car is for sale locally, they can provide an extra set of eyes and a neutral, knowledgeable voice to help with the transaction. Jewel or Jalopy inspectors range from car enthusiasts who have owned or maintained a specific type of car and know the key areas to inspect, to certified mechanics who have experience with multiple types of cars.  Some inspectors are marque experts and concours judges, while others are editors at major classic car magazines.  The one thing they have in common is that they are all car enthusiasts. Jewel or Jalopy has hundreds of experienced car enthusiasts all over the country waiting to inspect your next car. You can search for an inspector and contact them directly, or post a pre-purchase inspection request that is emailed to all inspectors who live near the vehicle.  You then choose the inspector that has the experience you need.

To search for an inspector now please visit Questions?  Contact Jewel or Jalopy at