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Winter’s Tale: ’64 MGB

64 MGB pro

Technically, you could say that this MGB is a one owner car in original condition. The current owner did buy it from the original owner and in 2004 and never drove it. So yes, he is the 2nd owner but we might look the other way – like an annulment. Yes, it needs everything and some of our readers have been asking us for more barn finds and project cars. So this one should be very straight forward. Read More


Well done: ’71 MGB Event-ready

1971 MGB Race car

We can be really brief with this one. The seller’s eBay listing does a fine job of describing the immaculate preparation effort lavished on this solid, good-looking MGB. It is said to be event ready and it looks like it. If you are new to TSD rallies or any track events, you might look too good for skill level. But that’s okay for us. The modifications are well thought out and the quality of the parts seem to us to be top-notch. We love the plexiglass headlight covers and the safety hood latches. Read More


Major Patina: ’64 MGB

64 MGB

British sports cars like the MGB or Triumph TR-4 were very popular, well priced cars enthusiasts flocked to in droves. They were inexpensive, fairly reliable and plentiful. Boneyards are littered with the remains of formerly cherished objects of one’s affection. Read More


Prim & proper: ’70 MGB GT


In ’65 the MGB received a more robust five-main-bearing version of the B-Series engine and was joined by the stylish MGB GT coupe designed by Pininfarina. Never a top seller, the GT filled a niche for those of us who like roofs over our head and require a bit more carrying capacity. Mechanically, the MGB was little changed in 1970, the model year of this submission, retaining its 1,798cc pushrod engine, four-speed all-synchro transmission and all the familiar running gear. Read More


’73 MGB Update

dashtrunkThe seller has provided additional information on the MGB we featured on Saturday – Nice original example with beautiful original floors.  Not a restored car but one that has been well maintained and has escaped the usual ravages.  Excellent BRG paint done 15 yrs ago.  Black interior in great shape with new carpets.  Recent Vredestien 165×14 tires on powder-coated early MGB steelies.  Also has early grill retrofitted.  Recent stainless exhaust and soft top.  Runs well with excellent clutch, gearbox, brakes.  Engine bay is clean with alloy valve cover.  A 20 year owner, always garage kept and stored winters. A $11,000 asking price OBO. Contact Mint at michael@mint2me.comMGBMGB DS re