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Prim & proper: ’70 MGB GT


In ’65 the MGB received a more robust five-main-bearing version of the B-Series engine and was joined by the stylish MGB GT coupe designed by Pininfarina. Never a top seller, the GT filled a niche for those of us who like roofs over our head and require a bit more carrying capacity. Mechanically, the MGB was little changed in 1970, the model year of this submission, retaining its 1,798cc pushrod engine, four-speed all-synchro transmission and all the familiar running gear. MGB GTHowever it was given a facelift and with a new recessed black-out grille, Ro-Style styled steel wheels (wire wheels remained optional) and new taillight lenses and rubber tipped bumper overriders, as well as a 1970 only split rear bumper. Inside, leather seating surfaces had given way to vinyl. Despite the de-contenting of the MGB’s equipment, sales climbed modestly for both the convertible and the GT. The seller of this GT gives us little information other than it drives real nice and has almost new wire wheels. But the seller takes some nice pictures so we think there may be a jewel lurking behind this curtain. These cars are not expensive at all and top cars don’t go much beyond the mid-teens. But you can really enjoy yourself with one and it will be a pretty easy car to live with. Thanks Sam T. for the submission. Contact the seller by by clicking here to the Craigslist ad.MGB GT

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