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Home Market: ’46 MG TC


The MG TC was the third in a series of post war MGs – the TA of 1936, and short-lived TB of 1939. The TC body was four inches wider and it was faster to boot.  The TC had the same fold-down windshield, fenders, wire wheels, and rear-mounted spare. Initially, It was right-hand drive only. The XPAG inline-four powerplant was able to coax the TC to about 75 mph – a frightening experience reserved only for the bravest.  Read More


Affordable Fun for Four: ’59 MG Magnette

MG Magnette

The MG Magnette was the original mid-fifties sports sedan from the British Motor Corp. The drivetrain of the Magnette was lifted from the MGA, though it debuted in the Magnette two model years before the MGA came to market. Read More


Welcome Everywhere: ’35 MG PB


None of the MG product line could be considered luxurious, the PB Midgets were the most spartan of them all. The sales literature of the time advertised “Over one hundred new and improved features” over the preceding J-Type, but few of those features had anything to do with comfort. The idea was to build the minimum sporting car that was affordable. And they were cute, but with 36 horsepower and a crash 4-speed, they were anything but fast. The PBs were tiny little things. They were designed for a much smaller person than is normal today. This wonderful PB, VIN # PB0260, was made into a fantastic road car. Read More


End of the Line: ’53 MG TD


The sports car craze in the US started after WW II when the GIs in post-war Europe fell in love with the light, low slung European marques. When the GIs returned from their tour they brought home a sports car. Eventually a distribution and dealer network became firmly established and the rest is history. One of the most popular cars of the era was certainly the MG. It is a traditional sports car that evokes the romantic days of wicker picnic hampers and bucolic country roads. You remember Oliver Barrett IV falling in love with Jennifer Cavilleri and cavorting around in a MG TC, don’t you (Love Story, the movie)? MG TDMG TDWhat we have here today is an MG TD and one of the last few hundred before they ended production at Abingdon in favor of the TF. Anyone know why there wasn’t a TE? Since it is a later TD, it has a newer design XPAG Motor. It is an older restoration of good quality so it has softened with age and not fallen apart. In other words, it has patina and that is okay for a nice driver. The finish is said to be smooth and there are no known rust issues. The nice part about this offering is that it comes form one our favorite dealers. They find good cars and present them well. It is on eBay and you can get there by clicking here.1953MGTD rear