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SOLD!! Price Reduction – Very Normale: ’62 Alfa-Romeo Sprint Normale

Alfa Romeo Giulia SprintThe Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint and the Giulia that succeeded it are one of the most popular and collectible Alfas on the market. The 2+2 bodywork designed and built by Bertone is seductively beautiful.  The first iteration of the Sprint had a four-speed transmission and column shift; from 1958 that changed to a more modern five speed gearbox and a floor shifter. The Sprint version, with its fastback styling, is a wonderful, long distance touring car with generous interior space for luggage. Approximately 7,100 were produced from ’62 to ’64, roughly 2,000 fewer cars than its roadster stablemate. Therefore the Giulia Sprint is somewhat more difficult to find today in good condition and are prized by Alfisti the world over.18736400750_0b620a0d89_kGenerate Samurai siege Diamond

We are fortunate to offer a solid, 1962 Giulia Sprint Normale with known history and under the care of a serious Alfa enthusiast for 7 years. Some of the paperwork that survives indicates that it may be, in fact, a black plate California car in the early years. We know this because the current owner has possession of the CA black plate. Oral history (and maybe some documentation) tells us it was owned by an Australian man in California. Allegedly the Alfa participated in the California Mille and perhaps even the Australian Mille. California Mille founder and dealer, Martin Swig, sold the Sprint in 2002 to an enthusiast in Upstate New York. The current owner purchased the Alfa from him 7 years ago.

Before coming east, it was treated to a restoration to a fairly high driver standard. Mechanically, it remains in fine running order and the odometer reads 56,000 miles. The dark blue exterior paint looks good however close inspection will reveal a few flaws that appear to be cracks in the finish. The interior looks as it should with proper materials used throughout. The Sprint has the correct 104hp, 1570 cc, single Solex carburetor motor.

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The NEW price is $50,000.00 and you can call me directly at (203) 417-6856.Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint


SOLD!!! Good start: ’74 Ferrari 308GT4

Ferrari 308GT4The once unloved 308GT4 is finally getting some love. Ferrari’s first mid-engine V8 spent years is the doldrums suffering in the hands of entry-level owners who, in many cases, had their eyeballs yanked out of their sockets when the first estimates for minor and major service were presented. For this reason, many 308s were poorly maintained and restored on a shoe string. Now that the 308 has been discovered, finding a good one at a fair price has become difficult. If you want one (and you should), you’ll have to look at 10 cars (probably more) to find the right one and getting to 10 can take a long time. Sports Car Market has really nice 308GT4s trading around $60,000 but they are hard to find in that condition. So I guess the burden of finding a nice one that will appreciate falls on a buyer who isn’t afraid to spend a little bit of money on a car with good bones. Today’s offering might be that car. 19083678859_30a7b2fced_kThe previous owner has a lot of experience in the Ferrari world and purchased this 308GT4 to take some pressure off his PF Cabriolet. That was in 1997. After a 13 years of happy motoring, the owner embarked on a full engine and transaxle rebuild. Needless to say, that cost a bundle. But as time passed, the 308 became a little too difficult to get in and out of so the Ferrari sat, unused, after completing around 250 miles. The engine is fresh and strong and there is a video of it revving freely after a detailed inspection and a few turns of the adjustment screws in the carbs. The body needs some attention. It has some bubbles in various places and will eventually need to be stripped and refinished properly. The interior is pretty decent but a few trim pieces need to be glued and dyed. The seller says the wheels need to be checked and refinished before you do any serious road work. Something about high magnesium content and porosity. This is an eBay auction with a Buy It Now at $38,500.00. That leaves enough in the bank to do the cosmetics or forget the concours circuit and drive the hell out of it. Click here for the eBay listing.

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Ferrari 308GT4


SOLD!—–Phil Hill’s Favorite: ’69 Ferrari 365GTC



We are pleased to announce that we have completed a deal on this maginificent Ferrari. The buyer and seller are both happy with the outcome.

This breaking news for Mint readers – a new exclusive offering from one of Auto Turismo Sports clients. Today’s exclusive is a rare 1969 Ferrari 365GTC. The first GTC, the 330GTC, was powered by a Colombo designed V12 producing 300 horsepower, and was first introduced in ’66 and continued in production until ’68. Only 600 were built during that production run and the finest examples of that car have touched the million dollar mark recently. In late 1968, the original GTC’s engine displacement was enlarged to 4,390 cc, and the 365 GTC was born. Combining the luxurious quality and good looks of its predecessor with improved acceleration. Only 168 examples were produced between late 1968 and 1970, making it one of the rarest production Ferraris of the period. The 365 GTC is considered by many aficionados to be the finest all-around road-going Ferrari produced prior to the mid-1990s. Phil Hill called it “the best road-going Ferrari ever”.

GTC INTChassis number 12127 is a 10-year old cosmetic restoration by Kent Bain, well-respected in the Ferrari world. It has held up well and mechanically maintained by ATS expert technicians.

The current owner purchased the 365 in 1999. Marcel Massini, Ferrari historian, provided a detailed ownership history on the car and it is available for your review. According to the report, it was originally delivered in Grigio Ortello (gray) and is finished now in Rosso Corsa with original Pelle Nero (black) interior. The current mileage is approximately 91,000 KM. The engine has been well maintained and has not been rebuilt to our knowledge. It does not have any immediate needs at this time. Recent auction prices substantiated by the Sports Car Market Price Guide have valuations in excess of $1 million for excellent examples. If you have serious interest in this well documented 365GTC, call us and we will begin to share more detailed information and arrange for your representative to inspect the 365GTC here in Connecticut. For additional photos please click on this link. The best number to call is 203-417-6856 and ask for Michael.GTC DS Rear


A Mint Exclusive: ’62 BMW 700 Cabriolet

BMW 700 Fr

We featured a rare 700 Cabriolet a few months ago and a nearly identical twin has popped onto the market and ours exclusively.

The 700 is one of several models credited with having rescued BMW from being swallowed up by Mercedes-Benz. When production ended, over 188,000 had been produced, and that level of commercial success enabled the company, supported by a major shareholder named Herbert Quandt, to block the threatened take-over. The cutesy styling was by Giovanni Michelotti – with a little resemblance to the Triumph Herald. A coupé and a cabriolet like today’s featured car, were also produced, with bodies made by Karosserie Baur of Stuttgart.  Read More


Sold, Sold, Sold! Exclusive: ’83 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbo with 4,100 miles


One of our Mint readers snapped this one up in a hurry. Congrats to Buyer. It is a spectacular car. One likely we’ll never see again.

Yup. You read it correctly it has only 4,100 original miles and it is spectacular. I drove it and it even smells like new. I am sure that if you took a nice example with maybe 150,000 miles and sent it to the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center it would cost you about $100,000 to make it this nice. That is not a shot at the Classic Center by the way. They deserve whatever they get. What makes this car even more special (if that is possible), is the color and trim. It is a very desirable Anthracite Gray Metallic with tan M-B Tex interior.

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EXCLUSIVE: ’85 Ferrari 308GTS QV

IMG_0218 The Ferrari 308 has come of age. One might even say a feeding frenzy is a brewing. The early cars are prized particularly the first batch of vetroresina or fiberglass cars. In the US the early ’80s delivered us an underpowered 308 and they weren’t much fun. But by ’82, the engineers at Ferrari gave the 308’s motor the engineering version of a Breathe Right Strip. They gave it 4 valves per cylinder or as they say at the pizzeria in Modena, Quattrovalvole.  This ultimate iteration of the 308 featured four-valve cylinder heads and an improved engine-management system that boosted U.S. output to 230 hp. While the QVs are far more refined than the early carburetor models, all 308s are non-temperamental and user-friendly, and can comfortably be used as daily drivers. Our exclusive today is offered by a former client of ours who relocated to North Carolina.
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Mint Exclusive – Osso di Seppia: ’67 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider

Duetto fr

This is just in and it won’t be around for long. It has to be one of the nicest Alfa Spiders we’ve seen in a long time. We didn’t want to wait for the rain to stop to take the pictures it deserves so we’ve broken our own rule to get it to you quickly. We’ve taken the liberty of referring to it as a Duetto, the name the new Spider was given during the first few years of production. They switched over to 1750 Spider late in ’67. We don’t know the production date so why not call it a Duetto. It is better than calling it a Graduate that refers to its starring role as Ben’s ride of choice in the movie co-starring Dustin Hoffman. The Duettos and early 1750s have a few nicknames. In Italy they call them Osso di Seppia or cuttle-fish bone and that refers to the unique boat-tail styling. Later cars have a chopped-off Kamn tail. Today’s exclusive is a great running car with a much larger 2-liter motor from a newer Kamn-tail. That’s a big jump in performance from the original 1600cc motor. Read More


SOLD! : ’74 Ducati 750SS

750 Hand Grip

Buyer and seller have entered into an agreement and it looks like Mint has sold the 750 SS.

There is a first for everything and you are never too old to learn. Mintologists are basically car people but we’ve been smitten by 2 motorcycles that have managed to crawl under our skin. We announce to the world that we are not experts in the land of the 2 wheeler therefore we invite corrective comments delivered in the proper tone. But we are fast learners and always ask the advice of people who are well-known in their world. With that said, Mint is proud to announce the exclusive representation of a ’74 Ducati 750 SS Green Frame or Super Sport. As the editors at Italy’s Motociclismo wrote, “To say that the SuperSport 750 was one of the most beautiful sportbikes ever made is no exaggeration; it may be considered among the most significant motorcycles of all time.” This was a street bike that went racing. The then new Ducati 750 was raced by Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari at the inaugural Imola 200 road race. Smart was not overly impressed by the roadster and didn’t even want to ride it. That changed when he arrived back in the pits to much fanfare because he had just smashed Imola’s lap record! Smart and fellow 750SS rider Bruno Spaggiari went on to a smashing 1-2 finish. Read More


Deposit taken: ’90 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa

911 fr

Most car manufacturers attach an internal code name or model number to their cars. The Porsche 964 is one of those internal designations. It was considered to be 85% new compared to its predecessor, the Carrera 3.2. The 964 Carrera was also the last to be available with the traditional removable Targa roof. The 964 is distinguished by the integrated bumpers and automatic rear spoiler that is speed sensitive. 911ProfileIt is also the 1st Porsche with dual air bags. You won’t see today’s featured Carrera Targa anywhere else but here on Mint. It is fresh as it just arrived at the office/shop this morning. It hasn’t even been detailed yet and it looks great. This Targa has a real presence or stance. A good stance, the way a car sits on its suspension, can really make a car look special and handle great. There are websites devoted to cars with great stance but I digress. Read More


“24”: ’67 Fiat Dino Spider

New Dino

Alfredino (Little Alfred) was Enzo Ferrari’s only son by his marriage to Laura. Enzo affectionately called his beloved son, Dino. He was a brilliant engineer even though his degenerative illness prevented him from finishing engineering school. He died at 24 but his influence on Ferrari’s future was secured forever. Dino, along with Vittorio Jano, is credited with the design of the engine in this beautiful ’67 Spider appropriately named the Fiat Dino. Ferrari provided the engine to Fiat so production could be ramped up and it could be approved for racing in the 2-liter class quickly. Meeting these racing required benchmarks is referred to as homologation. Read More


Now on eBay! “Private”: ’67 Maserati Mexico


We are fortunate to have a very nice 4.7 liter Maserati Mexico on offer from one of our favorite sellers. The Mexico is fitted from the factory with the 4.7 liter engine and Borrani wire wheels and that makes this one of the desirable early cars. Later Mexicos were fitted with the 4.2 liter engine and disc wheels from the Quattroporte. Read More


Extreme: ’05 Lotus Elise Supercharged

2005 Lotus Elise pro

The low-riding Lotus Elise is as extreme as a Dodge Viper, so says CNN.  CNN was commenting on Hagerty’s choices for future collectibilty of contemporary cars. But we think what they meant is what a Viper does with brute force, the Elise does with lightness and precision. We feature them from time ot time because one of our loyal readers knows them better than anyone. Read More


Very, very close: ’67 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

1967 Alfa GT Giulia fr

We don’t want to call this one a GTA clone. Well, maybe it isn’t such a bad way to describe it. Take a beautiful stepnose GT and spend a ton of over 2 years and the result is certainly better than a clone. This is an immaculate example built by Alfa specialists Roman Tucker and David Leivian. It is powered by a 2-liter engine with high-lift cam and Weber carburetors. It has many GTA-style additions like alloy wheels, door pulls, side exhaust and headers. Mostly supplied by Alfholics in the UK. It is currently fitted with a roll-cage, Sparco racing seats with harnesses and GTA Plexi-windows. Read More


A Mint Preferred Offering: ’93 Ferrari 512TR

93 TR512 fr

The Ferrari Testarossa was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1984. It essentially is a more usable version of the 512BBi Berlinetta Boxer. Ferrari accomplished making room for luggage and reducing cabin temperatures by moving the radiators to the rear of the car. And that is why the Testarossa has those massive cooling vents ahead of the rear wheels. Ferraristi call these slats cheese cutters. The Testarossa was always a good performer but it was criticized for being a bit overweight. That was rectified in ’92 with the next generation called the 512TR. And that is what we have here exclusively on Mint. Read More