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Extreme: ’05 Lotus Elise Supercharged

2005 Lotus Elise pro

The low-riding Lotus Elise is as extreme as a Dodge Viper, so says CNN.  CNN was commenting on Hagerty’s choices for future collectibilty of contemporary cars. But we think what they meant is what a Viper does with brute force, the Elise does with lightness and precision. We feature them from time ot time because one of our loyal readers knows them better than anyone. 2005 Lotus Elise intThis Elise is supercharged and equipped with the Sport Package with sport-tuned suspension. The Katana Supercharger is responsible for the blistering acceleration. The Starlight Black paint is responsible for staying under the radar. This one has been driven 16,650 miles and is fully sorted. We don’t think there is a sports car that delivers this level of performance and handling for the price. We can put you in touch with the seller so give us a call at (203) 417-6856.2005 Lotus Elise re


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