Great Cars Available…Get It Before It's Gone. Check the date of the post. If it is a few weeks old, it is probably too late.

Get It On Mint

This is the business end of Mint. When the custodial period is up and it is time for the next steward to take the wheel of your prize, we can help. And we can in a variety of ways:

Preferred – Everyday, we will offer a leadership position for that day’s Preferred offering. You’ll provide at least 4 clear pictures featuring the exterior, interior, engine compartment and undercarriage plus a complete description of the vehicle. Be sure to include any history that sets your car apart from others available. You may (and we encourage) include a link to a video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or similar sites. The same goes for additional photography.  To be considered for a preferred position, your car cannot be posted available for sale locally or on any other website. So when your car sells we know and you know the buyer came to you as a result of our listing.  We charge 4% of the selling price for Preferred position listings.

Send your Preferred listing request to:  31michaelm at the gmail place

Select – Okay, you’ve just launched an eBay auction or your car is offered on a marque specific web forum or similar site. Now you want the world to know. Each day we screen dozens of offers to promote cars on Mint. We take the cars that are the most interesting to our audience and to us. Presentation and condition is key. Great cars with poor pictures deserve better, so take your time or hire someone. Our fee for a select position in our daily digest is $150. One time. That’s it. It remains on our site in our archives so new visitors have the ability to search by country of origin or make. It works. Really.

Your Picks – Show the world your sleuthing prowess by sending in cars you’ve found on the net or offered locally. We even have a category called “Seen on the Street”. You know, the cars parked in the driveway with a crappy sign on it. You want to bring it home like a lost Labrador Retriever but your spouse will kill you kind of car. We love them too.


Rare Parts – We at Mint love to scour flea markets like Hersey and Carlisle. Lime Rock Park, right here in our own backyard, has turned up some mighty cool pieces. My friend and frequent contributor, Mike Marciano swears by the annual Bug In where he has found amazing things. And we know how hard you are looking for that special something. Maybe it’s here and not eBay? Or maybe it’s here and on eBay but you missed it? We’ll list rare parts that are on eBay for you to help drive traffic to the auction.



We do try to be helpful, straightforward and accurate in any information and opinions we may provide, and we hope you find that to be the case in your experience.  We do that because we care about our reputation and we believe a good reputation is good for business.

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