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SOLD!! Price Reduction – Very Normale: ’62 Alfa-Romeo Sprint Normale

Alfa Romeo Giulia SprintThe Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint and the Giulia that succeeded it are one of the most popular and collectible Alfas on the market. The 2+2 bodywork designed and built by Bertone is seductively beautiful.  The first iteration of the Sprint had a four-speed transmission and column shift; from 1958 that changed to a more modern five speed gearbox and a floor shifter. The Sprint version, with its fastback styling, is a wonderful, long distance touring car with generous interior space for luggage. Approximately 7,100 were produced from ’62 to ’64, roughly 2,000 fewer cars than its roadster stablemate. Therefore the Giulia Sprint is somewhat more difficult to find today in good condition and are prized by Alfisti the world over.18736400750_0b620a0d89_kGenerate Samurai siege Diamond

We are fortunate to offer a solid, 1962 Giulia Sprint Normale with known history and under the care of a serious Alfa enthusiast for 7 years. Some of the paperwork that survives indicates that it may be, in fact, a black plate California car in the early years. We know this because the current owner has possession of the CA black plate. Oral history (and maybe some documentation) tells us it was owned by an Australian man in California. Allegedly the Alfa participated in the California Mille and perhaps even the Australian Mille. California Mille founder and dealer, Martin Swig, sold the Sprint in 2002 to an enthusiast in Upstate New York. The current owner purchased the Alfa from him 7 years ago.

Before coming east, it was treated to a restoration to a fairly high driver standard. Mechanically, it remains in fine running order and the odometer reads 56,000 miles. The dark blue exterior paint looks good however close inspection will reveal a few flaws that appear to be cracks in the finish. The interior looks as it should with proper materials used throughout. The Sprint has the correct 104hp, 1570 cc, single Solex carburetor motor.

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The NEW price is $50,000.00 and you can call me directly at (203) 417-6856.Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint


Big brute: Land Rover Series IIA

Land Rover Fr

We do not know a lot about this Landie other than what we saw when we spotted it in the camping area at Lime Rock Park. It is RHD and it looked to be in pretty good shape. Read More


Landie ho! : ’69 Land Rover Series IIA Defender 88

69 Land Rover Series IIA frNot much to go on here as the seller is rather tight lipped about the details. He does say that it can be driven everyday. Unless you are John Wayne in Daktari, we aren’t sure how much fun that would be. Read More


Former Barn Resident: ’66 Land Rover

66 Land Rover

This 109″ Station Wagon, NADA specification, the Rover Motor Company of North America Ltd, South San Francisco, CA, imported #140 out of 811, and it arrived at San Francisco in 1966. The NADA 109s were the first production Land Rovers to have not only a key-starter, but had a single wiper motor and purpose-built heater system.
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Armageddon Machine: ’67 Land Rover Defender 109

67 Land Rover Defender

What can you say about the trend to build a car/truck that will pretty much go anywhere. Is it based in the popularity of Expedition Explorers who want to drive around the world, people who just like off-roading in the country, or are they people who are concerned the grid will eventually collapse and everyman for themselves? We have friends who own a similar vehicle lovingly named Irene. It was not named Irene after a favorite Aunt but an epic storm that decimated the northeast. So all of these are good reasons to buy this truck, a wonderfully spectacular, fully rebuilt, Landie Series IIA. Read More


Ole Blue: ’71 Land Rover Series IIA 88″

Land Rover Series IIA

There is no secret that we love a good 4X4. Our tastes run the full range from British to Japanese and even American. We had the good fortune of finding a home for another Series II just last month and perhaps we can work the same magic again with this one. Today’s Landie is a completely rebuilt truck with all of the tough-guy bits. When you go through the parts list, you too might notice that the manufacturer of said part has a really tough sounding name. Read More


Another “Mint Find” has a new home:

Brian Beker is a friend of a friend and we are glad to meet him through this site. He purchased one of our featured posts. If you are a feel-good story lover, visit his website by clicking here. 

What a great site. Enthralling to even someone like me, who isn’t a huge car guy. It’s the first car site I’ve bookmarked in my life. A buddy of mine, Tony Bill, sent me a link to a Land Rover you listed on your site. Tony, being a car guy, was quietly disgusted that I’ve been considering a new Jeep for a few months. Well, what do you expect? Almost every day I put another scrape on the bottom of my Scion bumper, and that’s just on the roads I haven’t passed up in the last six months from California to Vermont, from Mexico to Oregon. Between that and hauling the nation’s wettest and muddiest dog, who could blame me for just wanting to get it over with and trade in on a Jeep?

New Owner Brian Beker & Roo Read their story at

New Owner Brian Beker & Roo
Read their story at

The only thing that stopped me was their sheer hideousness. Maybe there is some car guy in me, after all. I’ll admit to a soft spot for British cars. Land Rovers were always among my favorites. I developed an appreciation for them during years in subcontinental Asia. You could take one with a million of the world’s roughest miles on it, flatten the leaf springs with 23 passengers, not counting the skinny kid perched on the fender so he could dribble gas out of a tea glass straight into the carb, and still count on it to get you to the elephant camp. And then look good next to the elephant as you admired them both in firelight. Land Rover Series IIEnter Mint2Me, where Tony spotted a ’69 Land Rover 88 – restored, beautiful, everything working, never on salted roads, genuinely rust free, lovingly rebuilt, chassis like new, newish engine and transmission, with all the upgrades that make the old Series vehicles a bit of a pain otherwise. Plus a rare sleeper conversion. A real find. You should see the engine compartment, which wasn’t even pictured in the original ad. Cheaper than a new Jeep? Only 210 fewer horsepower? The classiest 4×4 ever built? My favorite color of all time? This was possible? I happened to be 400 miles away from Seattle. I loaded up the muddy dog, and off we went.  How you read between the lines of the Craig’s List ad is a mystery, but your take on it was borne out in every detail. Everything was as advertised by a guy who couldn’t have shot straighter. Not one surprise (except for the driver-side door flinging itself open into oncoming traffic during the test ride). No inspections, no haranguing. A handshake deal that went off without a hitch. And now, I guess I get to be a car guy, too.

Thank you and Mint2Me.

Brian Beker & Roo


Mint Sold It! In a pinch: 1969 Land Rover Series II

Land Rover Series IIWe are suckers for well-built off-roaders. We’ll look twice at a great Land Cruiser or Land Rover. And yes, occasionally a great Jeep will make us stop in our tracks. Arthur B. sent this in from Seattle and it is one nicely refurbished Series II. Read More


Loyal Landie: 1965 Land Rover 109

109 FrThere is something special about original owner cars. Maybe it is the character of the caretaker that has been ingrained in the Landie over the years. Or maybe it is the experiences they shared. But it is special. And that is why this Landie is pretty darn cool. It starts with Landies having that indomitable spirit of an English Bulldog – and the unbroken ownership for over 46 years. The pictures don’t tell the entire story and the New York State location warrants a peek at the underside but I feel confident all is in order. It is offered at $21,000 and it would take you tons more to take a basket case to this level. But then all of the history might get washed away. See it here on Craigslist.