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Armageddon Machine: ’67 Land Rover Defender 109

67 Land Rover Defender

What can you say about the trend to build a car/truck that will pretty much go anywhere. Is it based in the popularity of Expedition Explorers who want to drive around the world, people who just like off-roading in the country, or are they people who are concerned the grid will eventually collapse and everyman for themselves? We have friends who own a similar vehicle lovingly named Irene. It was not named Irene after a favorite Aunt but an epic storm that decimated the northeast. So all of these are good reasons to buy this truck, a wonderfully spectacular, fully rebuilt, Landie Series IIA. 67 Land Rover DefenderBy fully rebuilt, we mean it has a new frame on top of everything else. So it is basically a chassis number plate from the original truck and plastered on all new parts. If this were a Ferrari 250 GT TDF, the world would have a lot to say about the practice. But since it is a Land Rover, the repairs are probably expected and routine. You need to read the list of major systems replaced or rebuilt using the best components. And you can’t deny it looks so damn cool. Imagine just cruising into the parking lot to drop your kids off to soccer practice? Click here to read all about the build and bid on eBay.67 Land Rover Defender

2 Responses to Armageddon Machine: ’67 Land Rover Defender 109

  1. gerard says:

    Please can you provide me with the color number of the light green (mint) color.
    I cannot find it and will paint my 109 in this color



    • mint2me says:

      I do not own the Land Rover so I can’t really help but guide you to the Rovers North website. take a screen capture of the one on my site and ask the forum members there. I believe it a pretty common Landie color.

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