Great Cars Available…Get It Before It's Gone. Check the date of the post. If it is a few weeks old, it is probably too late.

Find Me A Car

The principals at Mint have been at this hobby/business for a long time. And because we have, we’ve come to know some pretty smart people in the business. The good kind of crafty people, if you will. The kind that know who has a 7-liter Iso Grifo in storage. Those are the people we stay in touch with and can help you find that special something. Think of us as for gearheads.

Yes, we do charge a fee for the service and that fee depends on our level of involvement. We can make the calls and put you in touch with the seller, or we can go deep: arrange to have a thorough PPI, negotiate the selling price and arrange shipping.

Call us to discuss how we can make your dream come true.

Michael at 2034176856