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Nice Find: ’78 VW Rabbit Custom


I worked for VW of America in Englewood Cliffs when this one was built. This is among the last of the German-built Rabbits before VW inflicted a near fatal wound by building them in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. We don’t really think an old Rabbit is collectible but this one is special. It has had only 2-owners since new and accumulated a scant 24,400 miles. Read More


Hum Bug: ’65 Volkswagen Beetle

1965 VW Beetle fr

Since the VW Beetle is one of the largest selling cars of all time, if you have a hankering for an old one why not get one a little different. You know, some enhancements that could be undone yet cool enough to say “I’m different”. Let us present the featured VW for today. It is in a very popular beige color that you see very often. Read More