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Nice Find: ’78 VW Rabbit Custom


I worked for VW of America in Englewood Cliffs when this one was built. This is among the last of the German-built Rabbits before VW inflicted a near fatal wound by building them in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. We don’t really think an old Rabbit is collectible but this one is special. It has had only 2-owners since new and accumulated a scant 24,400 miles. $_57-2It is 100% original so I guess this one can be called “reference quality” at any VW club meet. It is finished nicely in Dakota Beige with brown leatherette interior. It is the Custom Trim level and that is a notch below the Deluxe model that I had back then.

I loved my '76 Rabbit!

I loved my ’76 Rabbit!

What a great car they are with the 4-speed. Today’s featured Rabbit has been treated to recent mechanical work preserving the originality as much as possible. Expect this to go for a record Rabbit price or remain in the seller’s collection. Thanks to Mike M. for the heads-up. Click here for the listing.$_57

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