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Bugged: ’63 Volkswagen Beetle Sedan

63 Volkswagen Beetle

This could be one of the shortest Mint listings of all time. We can’t say anything you don’t already know about a Beetle. Well maybe just this. We were wondering who came up with the endearing term Beetle or Bug. It was officially known as the Type 1 Sedan. We thought is was some clever ad creative executive who came up with it. Like the genius behind the Fahrvergnügen campaign. Read More


Privacy Camper: ’63 Volkswagen Panel Van Camper

63 VW Camper

This is a black-plate California Double-door Camper without any of those annoying windows to clean. If you watch any auction on TV you will undoubtedly see a 23-window vintage bus sail across the line selling for $80,000 or more. And that won’t even be a camper model. This one has so few windows it must be dramatically cheaper. But wait, it has a full kitchen and beds inside. Game on! Read More


Just have fun: ’68 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Convertible

1968 Karman Ghia

Concept cars are created to judge public response and the possible success if it is placed in production. Well, back in 1953 VW executives felt they needed a halo vehicle to add to the line-up so they commissioned a styling concept created by Ghia’s Luigi Segre. It was a success.  Read More


Steel Buggy: ’58 VW Based EMPI Sportster

VW EMPI Sportster

There was a burgeoning sand-craze in SoCal in the 50s and there existed two camps – water or air-cooled. Buggy historians may dispute the inventor of the air-cooled camp but most folks believe It was Pete Beirning of Oceano, CA that did it in 1958. Read More