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Now on eBay! “Private”: ’67 Maserati Mexico


We are fortunate to have a very nice 4.7 liter Maserati Mexico on offer from one of our favorite sellers. The Mexico is fitted from the factory with the 4.7 liter engine and Borrani wire wheels and that makes this one of the desirable early cars. Later Mexicos were fitted with the 4.2 liter engine and disc wheels from the Quattroporte. Read More


Franco-Italiano: ’72 Citroen SM

Citroen SM

This was some kind of car back in the day. So much so, it won the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award. We know what unique cars Citroens are. That’s exactly why its fans are so passionate. And the SM is the most extreme and its fans the most passionate. We don’t mean extreme in a bad way. In fact, you have to hand it to Citroen for not caring how other car companies did things. They emulated no one. Brake pedals in regular cars? – oui. Brake pedals in Citroens? – non. They have a button shaped like a mushroom to do the job. Read More


Mama Mia! ’65 Maserati Series I Sebring Coupe

m frThe theme of the day is NOT Mahogany colored cars. We have always appreciated the simple lines of the Sebring and that is particularly true of this Series I clothed in Rosso Rubino (my fave). Read More