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Here comes the Judge: ’52 Jaguar XK120M

Jaguar XK120

The XK120 was originally intended as a limited-production model, we call them halo cars today, for the new series of sedans powered by the same XK six-cylinder engine. Sales skyrocketed and the XK120 immediately exceeded production capacity. Jaguar replaced the alloy over ash body with an all-steel body, a change that was implemented after the first 240 cars left Jaguar’s factory. Hollywood legends fell for this starlet and Clark Gable was one of the first XK120 owners. Read More


Pass the Salt (Flats): ’64 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk

64 Gran Turismo Hawk

These are really neat cars and that is why they have been awarded Milestone Car status. The entire run of Studebaker’s personal cars was designed by Brook Stevens. And since the the last iteration of the line is the Gran Turismo, it should be considered the premier example of the Hawks. Read More


Hot Wasabi: ’80 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ56 Fire Truck

Land Cruiser Fire Truck FJ56

Not too much to say about this find sent in to us from Big Peter S. out there in California land. The seller says you shouldn’t bid on this if you are a shy person because you will be inundated with onlookers whenever you go out for a drive. We’ve never seen one of these mainly because we have never been to Japan but it is a very useful tool to have around. Read More


Looks like fun: ’69 Mercedes-Benz 250

69 Mercedes Benz 250

This is a real gem if it checks out. The 250 is not exactly our favorite body style but it is a clean and tidy sized car. We see some sporty overtone potential for this one ’cause its got a 4-speed on floor. It also has single seats upfront, a nice console, Becker radio, power steering and insulated glass. That says rally car to us.   Read More


Balanced: ’86 Porsche 944 Turbo

86 Porsche 944 Turbo

Put two words together – Porsche and Turbo and you are bound to have loads of fun. It doesn’t only apply to the storied 930 but to the very well balanced 944 Coupe. We are fans of Porsche’s front engined, water-cooled cars. When the 928 finally hit its stride, it was one super, luxo GT car. The 924 never really made it for us but the 944 came much closer. The Turbo version sealed the deal. That came in 1985 when Porsche introduced the 944 Turbo, a higher-performance variant, known internally as the 951. Read More


Needs loving: ’67 Lancia Fulvia

67 Lancia Fulvia

We have yet to meet a Fulvia owner that wasn’t head over heels in love with the car. Why you ask? Well, talk to any Italian car technician and they will tell you the Lancia is far superior in engineering and detail than its countryman – the Alfa Romeo. Lancia owners understand this and hang in there battling flat valuations and little hope for upside potential. There just aren’t enough people to outstrip supply. So Lancia fans tend to be multiple Lancia owners. Why not? They have a garage filled with parts and rescue Lancias can be had cheaply. Read More


Call a Cab: ’61 Porsche 1600 Cabriolet

1961 Porsche 356B Cabriolet

This 1600 Cabriolet hails from Liberal, Kansas. Not sure if that is an oxymoron or not. The tone of the listing suggests it is a long-term owner although it isn’t stated. The seller says it is a factory white, Reutter-bodied car with all of the proper numbers matching  the Kardex. Read More


June 2, 2013: Greenwich Concours – Festival of Speed & Style


Greenwich has become one of the premier Concours events in the country. It should as it is held in one of the country’s toniest addresses and home to fabulous collections of classic cars. We submitted our rally car project – AKA, The Colonel, not because it is a pristine example but because it is so damn cool. We expressed our opinion of the trusty Benz to founder Bruce Wennerstrom and he agreed with us. The Colonel will be on the lawn on June 2nd! Come to Greenwich and give us a shout out. We would love to meet you in person.The Colonel LRP sm Detail


Raise the roof: ’61 Porsche 356B Sunroof Coupe

61 Porsche B Coupe

It seems to be raining 356 Porsches today. This is the 2nd of 3 sent into us from readers. One of our Mint teammates has a similar 356 B Coupe in red and we love just looking at it. This one has a factory sunroof that adds to the allure of this offering. It is said to be a good driver and resides in California. Read More


Another B: ’61 Porsche 356 1600 Sleeper

Porsche 1600 Coupe

We’ve got nothing here. All we know about this 1600 Coupe is that it has been sleeping for the past 30 years. We don’t know the reason for the long term storage but we can assume something blew somewhere and was too much trouble to fix. Valuations have surpassed laziness and it is offered for sale. Read More


Not every day: ’80 Porsche 911SC Coupe

Porsche 911SC Coupe

The Porsche 911SC is not particularly rare. They made lots of them but seemingly they are all Guards Red, Silver, Black or White. We like some of the alternative choices particularly Petrol Blue and Light Blue Metallic. Today’s Select offering comes from one of our favorite sellers and it checks all of the boxes. Some we didn’t even know had boxes. Let’s go through the list – Tan full leather interior (including dashboard), automatic A/C, headlamp washers, electric sunroof, Dansk stainless exhaust and Euro headlamps and tail lamps. Read More


Shortened: ’69 AMC AMX 390


We sort of didn’t have much respect for the AMX back in the day. Yes, it had a capable 390ci engine and could be had with a proper 4-speed but it kind of looked like they tried to make something out of nothing. We think differently now. Absence makes the heart grow fonder works here. Read More


A few issues: ’67 Datsun 1600 Fairlady

Datsun FairladyWe really like these early Datsun roadsters. We remember chasing one, a red 2000, around the back roads on the Mainline of Philadelphia in our BMW 2002. Also remember our frightened passenger screaming “you are going to roll it!” We didn’t roll it and stayed right up the Datsun’s bumper the entire hair-raising ride. Read More