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Looks like fun: ’69 Mercedes-Benz 250

69 Mercedes Benz 250

This is a real gem if it checks out. The 250 is not exactly our favorite body style but it is a clean and tidy sized car. We see some sporty overtone potential for this one ’cause its got a 4-speed on floor. It also has single seats upfront, a nice console, Becker radio, power steering and insulated glass. That says rally car to us.  69 Mercedes Benz 250This one hails from Portland, Oregon – a geographic area that is kind to cars. The 250 was out of an estate sale and we wonder why with all of the sales we go to, we never see any cool cars. The 250 sat for a long time and like our own 230S, it needed a new fuel system, brakes and general tightening up. The interior is in great shape with MB Tex that wears like iron. It just looks like a great old Mercedes that we would love to play with. This one is an eBay auction and you can go to the listing by clicking here.69 Mercedes Benz 250

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