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Hot Wasabi: ’80 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ56 Fire Truck

Land Cruiser Fire Truck FJ56

Not too much to say about this find sent in to us from Big Peter S. out there in California land. The seller says you shouldn’t bid on this if you are a shy person because you will be inundated with onlookers whenever you go out for a drive. We’ve never seen one of these mainly because we have never been to Japan but it is a very useful tool to have around. All of the mechanical bits and pumps work and it is a very low mileage truck. It was originally imported by a US Serviceman. Why, I guess we will never know. The seller has owned it for 12 years and says he used it for his wedding. He doesn’t say if it was the happy couple’s limo or they had to put out a fire. But if you are reading this offering and live in a high-risk area for ground fires, like California, this may hold a dual purpose for you. A cool cruise night truck and a giant fire extinguisher that just might save your house. Bid on it on eBay by clicking here.Land Cruiser Fire Truck FJ56

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