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Sausage Puller: ’67 Chrysler Town & Country – Part-2

Chrysler Town & Country

Typically we like to share a little history about the offerings of the day. For the most part, there are usually tidbits of interesting data that we can share with you. But this is a 1967 Town & Country Station Wagon. Other than it being the top of line Chrysler of the day, there really isn’t anything to say. But of course, we make the ordinary extraordinary. This offering was previously owned by the Beatles. No, not really. Chrysler Town & CountryIt is, however, a 2-owner car in original condition with very low mileage. The seller has brought it back to life a few years ago after a long slumber and not going anywhere. He has made it into a decent driver and has put almost 9,000 miles on the car in 2-years. Let us assume it is well sorted but verify. The seller does state the A/C hasn’t been gone through yet. The paint is original and so is the interior and it looks great. It is not a flashy version of the car. We selected it so it would not compete with the silver sausage being pulled behind it. This is a nice car and perfect for pulling the Airstream. Please remember, this is a package we put together of a car and trailer that are really available. There is no relation between the sellers of each. Check this T&C out on the eBay auction by clicking here.Chrysler Town & Country

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  1. Rich diMonda says:

    Your wit and sense of humor is what keeps me coming back for more!!

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