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This one got snapped up real quick…Memories: ’56 Ford Station Wagon

Ford Station Wagon

1956 was a good year for Ford. Stylists liked the”Jet-Tube” taillights so they made them a little larger in diameter and moved a little further down the body. The Astra-Dial speedometer was retained, but it was perched on a fully redesigned instrument panel. Ford enlarged its Y-block engine to 272 cid, good for 162 horsepower in its base form or 182 horsepower with a four-barrel carburetor and dual exhaust. Also available in station wagons was the 292-cid, 198-horsepower Thunderbird V-8. Only the new little Thunderbird had a higher starting price tag than Ford’s 1955 station wagons, which topped out at $2,492 for a Country Squire with the basic V-8. Customers were flocking to Ford dealerships in record numbers to buy wagons, securing the marque’s title as the wagon master. Read More