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End of the line: ’57 Hudson Super

1957 Hudson

The last Hudson rolled off the Kenosha assembly line on June 25, 1957. There were no ceremonies, because at that point there was still hope of continuing the Hudson and Nash names into the 1958 model year. Hudson had merged with Nash-Kelvinator Corporation to become American Motors. AMC’s President, George Romney, came to the conclusion that the only way to compete with the Big 3 was to compete with a new smaller-sized car line.   Read More


Looks like Wayne’s: ’52 Hudson Hornet

53 Hudson Hornet

The most recent episode of Wayne Carini’s Chasing Classic Cars features Wayne as the caretaker for a collection of fabulous Hudsons. The featured car of the episode is a ’53 Hudson Hornet very much the car we found today. The owner of the car agreed to sell the car to Wayne and it is now in his personal collection. Read More