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A shade of gray : ’64 Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb


Some say these Coupes are among the last of the hand-built cars from Mercedes-Benz. We would probably add the 600 Sedan/Limo to that list. The Cabriolets have received all of the attention lately however the Coupes have a lot to offer. Today’s find looks to be White Grey with Navy interior. It is a 2-owner car with the last since 1969. The interiors in these Coupes are exceptional. There is wood everywhere. c864-dash-thumbThat can be expensive to restore so it is a good thing to find one in good shape. The exterior paint appears to be in good shape and the chrome, and there is plenty of that, looks to be in fine condition. These Coupes and Cabs are not sparkling performers particularly with the automatic transmission. Elegant cruising is the mission and we think Mission Accomplished. $23,500 and it is yours. Click here for the listing.

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