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Near perfect: ’87 Porsche 928S4 5-Speed

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We will have one in our garage one day for sure, just to get it out of our system. These are amazing cars probably the best non-911 Porsche. They are uber-luxurious, fast and competent plus they aren’t too expensive to buy although they are to repair. The most desirable are the rare last bunch from ’93-’95 called the GTS. Prices reflect that too. The real sweet spot are the cars from ’87-’89 and amongst those, the 5-speed. Today we have a spectacular 5-speed in Dark Blue with Linen interior and a scant 59,000 miles. Dash RtThe seller seems like a straight shooter and brave since he posted the Porsche on a Ferrari Bulletin Board. The 928 has $17,000 in recent receipts, a Certificate of Authenticity and darn good photos. It has fresh brake fluid & coolant, a 60,000 mile service done, newer tires and spark plugs. Sounds like get in and drive it home. The asking price reflects condition at $29,928. Click here for the listing.Ext 8

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