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Amelia Island Concours

The Lawn

We have attended and participated in Concours events before but only a recent attendance at Pebble Beach could prepare you for Amelia Island. In only its 19th Year, Bill Warner has led a talented and dedicated team to quickly become one of the premier events in the world. Quickly and 19 years doesn’t sound quite right but consider the competition from events around the globe and Pebble Beach has a 44 year head start. And Bill didn’t quit his day job either. Bill Warner is founder of The Amelia, chairman of the Amelia Foundation, and also serves as president of his own business, H. C. Warner, Inc., an industrial filtration company. He also owns and operates Bill Warner Racing. I’m tired just writing about him. I’m a big fan of Ritz-Carlton Hotels. In another life as a corporate event planner, I used them frequently and that always guaranteed success. The main building was overwhelmed with people all 3 days but the doorman and valets never failed with a smile and a welcome. Hats off to them. They deserve a break too. Thursday I mentioned the horrible conditions the busy workers had while setting up the various sponsor exhibits and tents. It looked like they would never be finished but as always, on Saturday, for Cars & Coffee, everything was perfectly in its place. Sunday brought in amazing crowds and traffic was skillfully managed by volunteers and local police.

Wayne Carini and a '55 Ford Louis Special

Wayne Carini and a ’55 Ford Louis Special

Parking venues were as far as 5 miles from the field and that is a testament to the how far this hobby as come in popularity. Fortunately, we had media parking which at times seemed all to far away but extremely convenient on show day The judges had their biggest challenge in years we think. But these folks are A-list judges and not the local Car-B-Que guys (not that there is anything wrong with them). David Schultz held the honor of chief judge and his team represents the brain trust of automotive knowledge and taste. We have to single out just a few to give you an idea of who we are talking about here. Derek Bell, Pete Biro, Keith Crane, Wayne Carini, Ken Gross, Tom Gale and Salisbury, Connecticut neighbor Edward Herrmann to name just a few. We have lots of pictures from the event. Our first batch is available by clicking here or the image on top of the page. Another batch will come tomorrow as our second and more skilled photographer presents her work.

4 Responses to Amelia Island Concours

  1. Jon says:

    Really? Not one McLaren picture? Did you not notice they were the featured marque with 14 cars on the field?

    • mint2me says:

      More to come…been driving north since we left. Dividing time between finding cars, driving and editing pics…

  2. Mark Thomas says:

    I found out about your site in Hemmings and have been coming to it for the past few weeks. I’m not seeing any cars for sale like on Bring A Trailer. Am I missing something or this not that kind of site? Thanks.

    • mint2me says:

      Welcome Mark. Yes, we are a car finding site however our team also covers events that we think May have an impact on the market. So we’ve been down in Florida covering the auctions at Amelia Island. We will get back into doing what we do best later today or tomorrow.

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